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From February 12 to February 18

Love : ****

Finance : **

Luck : ***


With Pisces being the dominant sign this week, you will feel the need to ask yourself several existential questions... Your intuition is encouraging you to change some of your old ways and life habits. Will you listen? Not so sure! Especially not with Neptune making it hard for you to make your mind up...


You will spend most of the weekend wondering what your future is going to look like... You have so many important questions in mind! You're putting a lot of pressure on yourself when there's absolutely nothing wrong with the way your life is at the minute...


Be kinder with yourself. Love yourself more! Accept your weaknesses, work on your flaws and don't be afraid to assert yourself. Build up your self-confidence, you're stronger than you think! You are most definitely ready to move your life in the right direction.