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This week's horoscope forecast for the zodiac sign Leo.

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Love : *****

Finance : ***

Luck : *


Brace yourself for a hectic week on the professional front. Your problem-solving prowess will be put through the wringer, with a few tensions surfacing midweek. Remember this: it's by remaining calm and focused that you'll triumph. Don't let distractions chip away at your morale or put the brakes on your progress.


A wind of change is blowing this weekend, encouraging a break from routine. A getaway is in order. Fully savor the moments of escape that invigorate the mind and warm the heart. Let go in order to welcome life's surprises with joy and lightness.


Couples, offer support to your partner amid stress: active listening turns challenges into deepened understanding. Singletons, value solitude as a time to build your independence. A week conducive to introspection and self-improvement, laying the groundwork for future solid relationships.