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From April 23 to April 29

Love : ****

Finance : ****

Luck : ******


You will work extremely hard throughout the week in a bid to move your professional and personal projects in the right direction. Impressively driven and full of great ideas, you can almost taste success in pretty much every domain of your life. Now is not the time to start daydreaming!


This weekend, you will enjoy a well-deserved break following a particularly intense week! A surprise meeting with a childhood friend or ex-lover will help you forget about every single one of your problems and worries. Switching your brain off for the next 48 hours will do you a world of good!


You can be too kind for your own good at times. Be careful not to promise too much this week, or you could be accused of not being true to your word... It's better to be honest with people from the start than to let them down further down the line!