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From February 12 to February 18

Love : **

Finance : *****

Luck : ***


You don't like it when your partner or children don't pull their weight at home... Some of your loved ones appear to think that they're on vacation this week. Enough is enough! You find their behavior highly disrespectful...


You will try everything in your power to knock some sense (and life!) into your little family this weekend. Opt for a bossy approach, it's the only way people are going to listen to you... And don't forget to thank your loved ones for following your orders!


There's no need to stress yourself out over a slightly dysfunctional family life this week. It's perfectly normal for people to let their hair down and take it easy every once in a while! Wear your best smile and lead by example. People will find it easier to give in to your demands if you're nice to them!