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From April 23 to April 29

Love : ******

Finance : ******

Luck : ******


Jupiter in your sign forming a good aspect with Mars, Neptune and Pluto will make you impressively magnetic this week. You will be a lot more attractive than usual! Filled with self-confidence, you will be likelier to take risks. Being bold suits you!


People are queuing up to spend time with you, and you literally don't know who to see first. Expect a busy and fun-filled weekend, during which you should meet you fair share of interesting people. Your lover will try their best to make you happy, too. you couldn't have asked for more!


Learn how to play hard to get if someone catches your eye this week. Stay cool and make them feel like they have a decision to make. Such an approach should make it easy for you to get who you want... You're so excited at the idea of dating someone so similar to you!