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From February 12 to February 18

Love : ******

Finance : **

Luck : *****


A dissonant Moon urges you to opt for a more cautious approach as far as money is concerned, especially with Mars encouraging you to make rash decisions on the financial front. Write a shopping list before you go to the grocery store and don't buy anything that isn't on it!


A cozy weekend spent at home is the best way for you not to spend money on new clothes, gadgets or fashion accessories you don't even need! You love doing nothing every once in a while anyway... Those two days in bed will help you recharge your batteries!


The role of an advert is to make you believe that you really need a particular product in your life at this exact moment in time. It's the way it works! Don't fall for it. You've done well enough without it until this week, haven't you? Only buy the things you actually need!