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The Gemini Woman


A typical enchantress, you need to be liked and attract attention. Your incredible charm doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, and you know exactly how to use it to impose your decisions. Your potential targets must fulfill the following requirements: intelligent, cultivated, elegant, with a good sense of humor and the looks of a Greek god will do nicely…
Still looking for your other half, the idea of finding your perfect soul mate constantly on your mind, you aren’t the most sensual sign of the zodiac. Your ambition is to turn your fantasies into reality, and illusions can take over your mind. You ban men who bore you and play games. You need a lover who can spend the night talking to you, is always dressed elegantly and eloquent, ready to surprise you every night and change according to your desires.

Causing a sensation, shining like a star and making the people around you jealous are amongst your main objectives. Your clothes, appearance, looks and lifestyle must be absolutely spotless and you can become a little bit capricious. As far as your looks are concerned, your slightly androgynous style means that you will pick out clothes highlighting your charm without being overly sexy. A pair of jeans, a nice dress or a short skirt all suit you to a T, but clear and lively colors will make a bigger impact. Blue and yellow are perfect for you…