Free Daily Horoscope

The Leo Woman


Proud, passionate and determined, you wear you heart on your sleeve and insist on living life to the fullest on a daily basis. Your need to be loved and accepted means that you feel the urge to help, protect, support and advise.
Loving, lady Leo, you mainly seek passion, excitement, a carnal and intense love story. Feline, you like to hunt but you also enjoy being hunted and hit on. Your only requirement: your target must be as combative and strong as you, or you will get bored in no time.
Unlike male Leos, you are not satisfied with meaningless love affairs; you believe in Love with a capital L and you are ready to commit. You look very elegant naked and you don’t hesitate to take your clothes off. Extremely lively in the bedroom, you don’t hesitate to take control of the situation under the quilt. Men must be aware that your spine will be the key to awakening all your senses.

As far as love compatibilities are concerned, you will find the intensity and passion you are looking for with fellow Leos. As good as it gets! Passion and affection can also be on the menu with natives of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Sagittarius. Acceptable but nothing special with Taurus, Virgos and Scorpios. And don’t waste your time going anywhere near Gemini and Capricorn males!