Free Daily Horoscope

The Libra Woman


Scared to be left alone, you jump from one love relationship to the next one, getting carried away a countless amount of times in the process. More sentimental than erotic, you make efforts to keep your relationships going.
You cannot stand men who always sit on the fence, and you hate being contradicted once you have made your mind up. You would rather do the things you want, without being pressured into doing anything you’re not that keen on.
The sign of Libra represents love relationships, so what’s your problem? Well, that’s exactly it: your whole life revolves around your love relationship. If you want to go on vacation, your partner must go on vacation with you. If you want to go to the cinema, your partner must go to the cinema with you. If you want to invite friends round, your other half must be there too. And if one day your partner decides to go to the cinema on the night your friends are coming round, you will not accept it. You can be seen as a bit of a dictator, and understandably so. Yet, you are pretty independent deep down. You can get on with your own life, away from your relationship, and you can even turn out to be pretty distant. As a result, you could have an affair, without feeling guilty about it as you will not let it cast any doubt on your relationship.

In your eyes, starting a family is closely linked to being in a relationship. Being a single parent doesn’t appeal to you at all. Yet, if you ever found yourself in such a situation, you would do your best to cope, while looking for a partner in order to share parental responsibilities. In the same way, you are ready to look after someone else’s children and treat them like your own.