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The Scorpio Woman


You may look docile, but you lady Scorpio are a real wild animal. Passionate and decided, you love life and you are determined to live it to the fullest in order to satisfy your heart and soul’s desires…
Very active and sometimes bossy, you tend to see things in a negative light, which doesn’t help relationships with your entourage.
In love, you don’t take anything lightly. Reserved and sensual, you will often fall for the natural charm of a male Virgo. You need to be shown affection and to be loved. However, you will not be easily won over. Not attracted by fickle relationships, you will look for stability and you will remain close to the one who has already proved his feelings for you.

Men will have to be very careful with you, as you are a wild animal trapped in a female body, sweet, cuddly and available at first sight. Any potential partner must be dynamic enough to keep up with your instinctive nature and fulfill your need for an exclusive and committed relationship. He must be manly but definitely not sexist! You will be come across as docile and innocent until passion triggers your carnivorous personality.