Free Daily Horoscope

The Taurus Woman


A real enchantress, dear lady Taurus, you love seducing members of the opposite sex. Feminine, coquette and very sensual, you are disarmingly simple, direct, fun and happy. Attached to your comfort, you like your safety and you know how to appreciate beauty. You like it when things are done properly, you are discrete, resistant, you like human contact and you can take on important responsibility. You are often responsible for keeping things ticking over in the workplace… and you love it!
Very Venusian and seductive, you use your charm to get noticed by men… who you like manly and even a little bit sexist. Weak men will not appeal to you at all!
If you ever feel lonely, you can become morose and hard to live with, as physical love is extremely important to you. When in love, you are a real tigress, possessive and jealous, but so seductive that you can get away with murder!

As an excellent housewife, you always make sure nothing is missing at home. You cook for the man of your life and you enjoy looking after your love nest.
Hating frustration and constraints, materialistic comfort is very important to you. As soon as you are forced to tighten the belt, you do all in your power to improve your financial situation as soon as possible. Brave and perseverant, you are ready to roll your sleeves up in order to boost your income. You know how to learn from your mistakes, manage your budget efficiently and save up.