Free Daily Horoscope

The Virgo Woman


You, lady Virgo, are a real chatterbox, curious about everything. Elegant and beautiful, you take care of your physical appearance as well as of your home sweet home.
Tireless, you need to feel useful in order to feel good. Generous and devoted, one can always count on you and on your attention to detail to complete every single task to perfection.
Deep down, you are a worrier who needs to remain active to keep her stress and anxiety levels down. As soon as you step out of your comfort zone, you become pessimistic and dark thoughts can take over. If unexpected (and therefore worrying for you) events were to take place in your life, you could become a bit of an hypochondriac and express your fears through all sorts of minor injuries and digestive problems.
You are much more at ease with « friends with benefits » rather than with Love with a capital L, which actually scares you. You are looking for a quiet and stable man who knows how to stop you from constantly worrying. You like a neat-looking man, and any little stain on his shirt can put you off for good!

Deep down, you dream about finding your prince charming, but reality quickly gets the better of you and you turn back into the perfect housewife in no time.
There really is nothing wrong with you… apart from the fact that you may be too discrete. You don’t know how to express your feeling and desires, and a lot of patience and affection is needed to win you over.