Free Daily Horoscope

Aries Sign of the Zodiac


Aries is the sign of exaltation for the Sun; this position is its most powerful one.

You let yourself be driven by irresistible impulses, you’re full of pride and enthusiasm. With restless and impetuous energy, you have strong willpower and a burning desire to be successful whatever it takes. But you don’t always have the strength or the willpower to withstand any of the setbacks that you will often encounter. You fear misfortune as much as death and you can’t stand it when anyone reminds you of one or the other. When facing serious difficulties in critical moments of your life, you often lose control of yourself and are likely to make serious mistakes or to become lost like child in the crowd. You possess an extremely huge amount of energy to resist illnesses and a strong ability to recover to always be able to bounce back. « Walk on! » could be your motto. Your huge vitality usually urges you to carry on moving forward; but after some huge falls you won’t always be able to climb back as high up as you were. You are extremely calm and you try to hide your enthusiasm and your worries, your desire to dominate is stronger as a result. You can show signs of impulsiveness, aggression, chaos or violence.

You could be a boss, project manager or pioneer. You are mainly subject to fevers. As a result, your scalp is often dry, you hair cannot grow properly and you could be bald quite young.


Your lucky numbers

1 (Aries is the Zodiac sign). 4 (Mars is your planet). 9 (Pluto is also your planet). 14 and 5 (it’s the sum and the contraction of the first three).

Your color

Sign of fire, red is your color and it’s flamboyant just like your nature. This aggressive color is a solitary one, hard to marry even with its sisters; to harmonize them with the different types of red, distinguish crimson (including carmine and magenta) and vermilion (including scarlet); one pulls towards blue and the other towards orange.

Your biggest fault

You start off at 100 miles an hour then change your center of interest, using the excuse that the goal that is to be achieved is too far for you due to your lack of stamina and tenacity.

Your best quality

You like to be in charge and have authority and, if well managed, you can be an example for other people who could try to imitate you.

What you hate

To have to adapt to others, cowardice, inertia, the feminist revolution, routine, constraints or all sort of forms of enslavement. To stay in place, to go unnoticed, Platonic passions, old cars and daily struggles.