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Cancer Sign of the Zodiac


Cancer is the fourth sign, governed by the Moon, so the Sun in Cancer is a mixture of the influence of the Sun, the Moon and house IV.

You have a fantastic and exuberant imagination. It’s the experiences lived but also your intuition and inspirations that are the sources of your imagination that is constantly fermenting. You have an excellent memory but you keep thinking about an isolated episode of the past. You can sometimes find yourself irresistibly dwelling on memories of the past and seeing them better than they actually were because you see them through images that are created by your embellished imagination. You pay great attention to detail and you’re very fickle in your interests and preferences. You’re extravagant. You’re often in need of love, affection and tenderness but you don’t know how to open yourself up and sometimes you become completely unapproachable. This of course gives the impression that you lack sincerity. Sometimes you’re shy and of a tender nature, too sensitive to the influence of others and of to public opinion. You can suffer from mood swings, unstable resolutions, not due to outside pressure but most often due to hesitations of your soul.

You’re of a calm and friendly nature at home on the condition that we don’t ask you to do too much. You will experience success in your later years. You have an interest in occult things and you often try out psychic experiences. You can be a professor or a scholar in the history of a certain era or the region of a country but you can also be a philatelist, a numismatist, a miniature painter or a figurine designer, in other words you can be a crafter: bookbinders, embroiderers or jewellers, etc. You can suffer from anaemia and an upset stomach.

Your lucky numbers

4 (Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac). 2 (the Moon is your planet). 6 (the sum of the first two).

Your color

In the Tibetan tradition, yellow (more yellow and lime) is the color that increases wisdom and energy. This is why the sick are recommended to wear yellow directly on their skin, so that they can recover more quickly. The sign of Cancer is in analogy with house IV, one of the houses that makes us feel privileged we receive and give care. All these symbols emphasize the nurturing and cocooning aspect of Cancer.

Your biggest fault

Your tendency to be too sentimental, it makes you depressed for almost anything or over something that has nothing to do with you. It makes you moody and volatile and therefore unstable. You need to work on acquiring a stronger and less easily-influenced attitude on the emotional front.