Free Daily Horoscope

Capricorn Sign of the Zodiac


You stand out thanks to your tenacity and your strength of resistance. Not only do you withstand all obstacles but you overcome them and you tend to see the challenges you face as necessary hardships for your process of perfection. You’re attached to material things but you don’t let yourself get dominated by them. You’re prudent, faithful and honest. In most cases you make your own path and reach a comfortable financial situation thanks to your merits. You easily close yourself off from reality and in your own home; you look for work that is thorough and accurate. You like to be direct and by doing so you gain respect and esteem from others. Finally, you have a certain love for solitude, even if you sometimes fear the consequences of it. You can sometimes be selfish, cruel and prone to despotism or sulking and, troubled by resentments, indolence and melancholy, you go through life as the shadow of yourself. Pessimism is generally what is dangerous for you, you must never fall into it as if you do you will find it difficult to resume your forward march.

You will soar through life with the help of people of high status; you will be meritorious and you’ll acquire with honor a position with big responsibilities. If you’re animated by sublime aspirations and intelligent enough you’ll have an important political or social activity. Be careful, you can suffer from rheumatisms and skin disorders. You could be a scholar or a person that has little occupation and spends his life in his home or laboratory.

10 (Capricorn is the 10th sign of the Zodiac). 7 (Saturn is your planet). 17 and 8 (it is the sum of both numbers and its resultant).

Your lucky numbers

5, 1 and 6

Your color

Brown, but also black, are attributed to Capricorn. Only the city dwellers don’t find hope in colors. The others know that a freshly labored earth is beautiful. Brown and tan lines provide fine nuances in a bouquet of branches. With the latter, opt for the qualities of the lines rather than their volume. Even bare branches can burst with beauty and intensity.

Your biggest fault

Your pessimism (or realism) is at the root of your darkest moments and domestic quarrels.

Your best quality

Your determination and your consistency. We can trust you when you give your word. You have a good sense of responsibility that sometimes expresses itself at the expense of other people.

Your career

A long-term, stable and safe situation is your first criteria for those capable of sacrificing your profound desires, your talents or qualities. If we see you behind a desk in an administrative job, in a solicitor’s office or behind a machine that allows no personal initiative, we should not draw hasty conclusions about your real abilities. If you struggle to impose them you will achieve as much but you will pretend to ignore them.