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Gemini Sign of the Zodiac


This sign is a Mercury sign, the third in the series. The logic says that this position is influenced by the Sun, Mercury and the third House. In the sign of Mercury, the vivifying influx of the Sun is applied to the mental capabilities of a man.

You’re agile and versatile, animated b the most diverse ideas and often impatient to learn and understand. Thanks to this, you’re up for all sorts of studies. You’re generally sociable, and communicative but you can be arrogant. You have a great ability to adapt, but also a tendency to frequently change places and jobs which creates a lack of stability in your life and exposes you to continually modify your materialistic lifestyle. It’s not uncommon for you to enjoy plotting. You also have a lively imagination. This is why you’ll often have an original conception of the world. You’re constantly dreaming about fantasy and transforming reality into fiction which can sometimes make you sound like a chronic liar. You’re so into your dream world that you can end up believing it yourself and no longer be able to distinguish your lies from the truth. You’ve got an ever changing spirit and you lack unity to achieve your goals.

Your vocal cords are very good and so is the quality of the sound coming from your voice box. You can become a writer or a traveller. You’ve got an illuminated mind and when you travel you gain physically and mentally from it. Your sense of humor becomes enjoyable and positive; this makes you a nice person to be around and you’re generally loved by your circle of friends. You’re nervous and inclined to suffer from lung problems.

Your lucky numbers

The number 3 (Gemini = 3rd sign). The number 2 (Mercury is your planet and is in the second position around the sun). The number 5 (it’s the sum of the two previous numbers).

Your color

Scintillating or moiré. It is not a color attributed to Geminis but a characteristic, the characteristic of the scintillating of moiré shades. It will not surprise anyone when we start thinking about the lively and crazy nature of the natives of Gemini. Silver is also attributed to them, color of Mercury, master planet of Gemini. Scintillating, moiré or silver, those shades have the ability to absorb any type of light, and to be either light or dark depending of the time or the mood of the day.

Your biggest fault

Too talkative and too curious, you poke your nose into other people’s businesses to compare their lives to yours without having understood anything…

Your best quality

Always ready to hit the road, you’re available at all time and we can trust you to listen or communicate…

Your aspirations

It will be freedom more than anything else, you will never compromise your independence. Regarding your ambitions, you will use your abilities in order to fill your need for contact. In fact you’re not looking to go up, you don’t see the world as a vertical entity but as a horizontal one, you’re trying to spread out, expand, explore. You also want to enrich your mind through an intense sentimental life.