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Leo Sign of the Zodiac


In its own home, the Sun firstly has a positive influence on the body of man born in this position.

You’re full of optimism, confident in yourself and in your beliefs. Bold, courageous and enterprising, you do not fear obstacles. Your primary ambition is to be a worthy guide for others. You usually try to attain this goal through pacific means but you run the risk of exceeding your desire, in which case you would then become arrogant, selfish and sometimes oppressive, even if you rarely impose yourself with violence. You often have a loud voice, you like to parade yourself and you are inclined to bluff. You’re rarely a deep thinker but you are more practical, active and you will know how to successfully face the harsh reality. You’ve got a compelling nature, a strong control of yourself, an awakened sense of honor and an incorruptible integrity. You inspire to rule but despise taking the smallest advantage of anyone or to do to others what is against the golden rule: don’t treat others the way you don’t want to be treated. You’ve got deep and long lasting affection for other people. You’re a strong protector of what you love but you are also enraged by what you dislike. You take on your objectives with a focused mind that forces success. You’re a true friend and you show yourself as an honorable and charitable enemy.

In only some rare exceptions and unless you have some strong pathogenic element in your birth chart, you are healthy and if you fall ill you will get better quickly and always manage to overcome the most dangerous diseases, unless you contract them at an old age. This physical condition is linked to a fundamental psycho-spiritual attitude. You can suffer from heart diseases.

Your lucky numbers

5, 1 and 6

Your color

Gold, of course, the color of excellence, of our Sun (Master planet of Leo), noble color reserved for rare and valuable opportunities. Orange is also attributed to Leo as it attracts the look of others. Orange can seem a shy color but we rarely decide to wear it in case we get noticed. It is never deleted or soothing. Orange, the image of Leo, bursts, stimulates, radiates, gives energy, lights up.

Your biggest fault

Ambition, arrogance, despotism, selfishness, extravagance and laziness.

Your best quality

Always ready to hit the road, you’re available at all time and we can trust you to listen or communicate…

Your best quality

Enthusiasm, courage, distinction, honesty, generosity, nobility, feelings.

Your career

Jobs related to art or advertising. Luxury trade (Food, clothing or other). Jobs needing a big degree of activity and important responsibility. The medical sector is also tempting you.