Free Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius Sign of the Zodiac


You have a good heart but little wit and you lack depth of thought such as feelings, you believe you can do without it and you manage to do so until a certain point by putting on a front at all times. In the most varied situations, acting is your strongest resource. You have the ability to overcome all obstacles and lead the business that you manage to success. You have a tendency to be religious but your vision of life is nevertheless naive and elementary. Generally you’re a spirited fellow that becomes excited very easily but you aren’t devoted to your passions. Among your virtues you can show loyalty and frankness. You have a great desire to be pure and sincere with yourself and with others. You biggest weaknesses is a tendency to over exaggerate and a love for adventure. Be careful, you can sometimes lie and then lying becomes a part of who you are.

You have high standards and noble aspirations with the desire to elevate yourself while also elevating others. You’re benevolent and philanthropic: you are therefore beloved by all those around you. You’re often full of honor, appointed to a position of trust or sent on a mission of a delicate nature. There could not be however a better choice as you have the soul of a champion. Whatever happens you’ll experience some sort of religious, political or judiciary rise as you are smart and able to give your points of view on the serious problems of life. Be careful, you will suffer from blood problems, a sciatica and arthritis.

Your lucky numbers

9 (Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac).7 (Jupiter is your planet). 16 and 7 (It’s the sum of the first two numbers and its contraction).

Your color

All types of blues, night blue is the most enigmatic and the most magnetic as well. We want to dive in, without knowing if it’s going to lead to an azure blue or to the dark side of a dark night, vaguely intimidating. It is a bit the ambiguity of the Sagittarius, sociable and light-hearted but also an idealist who is always in search of the holy grail. Dressed in night blue you’ll have a strict appearance but you will able to show boldness, unforeseen actions and mystery.