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Scorpio Sign of the Zodiac


Acting on the second House of Mars, the influx of the Sun creates, to a certain point, similar effects to those that are seen on individuals who are under the influence of the Sun in Aries. In this position, the influx has a powerful effect on the vital energies of a man.

You have a lot of energy, unfailing courage and an independent personality. You can be aggressive, intransigent on one hand and strongly sensual and passionate on the other. You have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for research. You’re a keen observer but also someone with a highly developed sense of critic. You also have a great sense of sarcasm and humor. You’re a formidable opponent when up against someone and you can be without pity in your intellectual hatred. Sometimes you are direct and not very courteous, and you can have the feeling that your view is worth more than the views of others and a tendency to walk all over people or things that are in your way. This often makes you indifferent to the pains others can suffer and could transform the surgeon that you are into a vivisectionist.

You’ve got an active mind and you will experience success in professions such as surgeon or soldier. You will see your finances get better, especially after your marriage. You can also excel as a scholar (especially in the chemistry field) and a doctor (especially in psychiatry). You can be very jealous, passionate and have a vindictive spirit. Be careful, you are prone to illnesses in the genital area as well as to do with your nose.

Your lucky numbers

5, 1 and 6

He loves

Love – Money – Good – Riddles – Risk – The Occult – Success

He hates

Being dominated – Being active – Losing – Being seen through – Being Induced – Being ill – Being betrayed.

Your biggest fault

Inflexibility and stubbornness

Your best quality

Fierce Tenacity and dry sarcasm