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Leo 2015 Horoscope


Leo 2015 Horoscope


Optimistic under the influence of Jupiter, you could end up doing a little bit too much, especially for your loved ones! Bored of seeing your so active all the time, they will not always appreciate your efforts! Take the time to relax with those who truly matter to you!


Seeking refuge with your little family, you will do everything in your power to preserve such a stable and peaceful atmosphere at home. Make sure, however, that you don’t come across as someone introverted. You have a lot to give and share, and not just with your family.


It’s not time to let your guard down or take your foot off the gas! On the contrary, make the most of this month! Yes, you will have to cope with a few moaners and people who don’t like someone as ambitious as you, but will be aware that a leopard cannot change its spots!


Dynamic and supported by a positive configuration, you will want to reach your objectives a little bit too quickly for your own good. Focus on what is truly essential for you and don’t bite off more than you can chew simply because luck is currently on your side.


Your will use your relationships skills to improve your professional life this month. Unfortunately, you will sometimes lack subtlety, leading you to come across as a bit of an opportunist rather than a genuine individual. Don’t neglect the human side of any new relationships.


An important encounter will change your life this month if you are single. Don’t get carried away too quickly though, or you could scare your newly-found lover away! Be genuine and patient if you want this to turn into a serious, long-lasting relationship.


Laughter should be the best medicine this summer! Laugh with your friends, in the office, reading a good book! Some of your persistent worries will disappear as if by magic! Both your mind and body will feel revitalized as a result!


Show off a different facet of your personality. The confident, ambitious and go-getter Leo can also be sensitive, vulnerable and a good listener. Such a behavior, as natural as it might be, will surprise a good few people around you.


September will be a tough month on the financial front, you will struggle to efficiently manage your budget. Take the time to do the math before you spend any money. You will not have as much room for maneuver as you think.


Focus on your professional life. Whether you are contracted or looking for a job, priceless opportunities will come your way. Your sentimental and social lives will not suffer from it. On the contrary, such progress will allow you to get your self-confidence back in every domain.


Recharge your batteries! Book a few days off work if you can. Tired after a few demanding months, you could make mistakes that you would struggled to admit in November! You’re not a machine, you need to slow down…


Try to spend this final month of the year with your friends or family rather than with your significant other. Your sentimental life will not exactly be supported in December. However, your friends will always be available for you!