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September 20, 2018

In Relationship ****

You and your partner will look for ways to improve your relationship together today. You two cannot agree on what to spend your money on or whose turn it is to clean the house today. But Venus in your sign will help you calm things down at home this Thursday. Nobody can stay angry at someone as cute and sensitive as you for too long!

Single ****

You could have a crush on someone who's already taken... You've been looking at them for a few days now, and you could consider making your move today! You could be pleasantly surprised by that person's reaction. Could it finally be your time to be happy? Maybe, but be careful not to ask someone you barely know for too much reassurance...

Wellness *****

Eat less, exercise more! A bit of common sense will help you recharge your batteries or get back into shape.

Career ***

A new colleague could ruffle a few feathers in your department. Adapt to those unsettling changes as quickly as you can. A lack of concentration could affect the quality of your work towards the end of the day. You're far too tense this Thursday!