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February 23, 2017

Love *****

This day will be devoted to action. You'll find it useless to ask for advice here and there, especially about your love life. This will only create doubts and hesitations. Today, you'll feel like innovating, in accordance with your convictions. With the Mars-Uranus duo, you'll enjoy courting.

Career *****

Concerning your job, you'll manage to make a niche for yourself. You won't owe it to mummy or daddy. Alone and without anyone's help, you'll make ends meet with your fervor. So yes, you can indulge in self-satisfaction.

Wellness *****

With the Mars-Uranus planetary configuration, you'll make an anti-exhaustion safety plan.

Mood *****

With the Mars-Uranus duo, your mind will be in order. You'll map out your own path and enjoy life.