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October 17, 2017

In Relationship *****

It's time to get whatever is bothering you off your chest before your negative mindset starts to impact your relationship. You need to be more honest with your partner as they are starting to wonder if you are hiding something from them. You both need reassurance and the best place to start is by improving communication between you. What are you waiting for?

Single *****

Your natural charms are working their magic and you've caught the eye of someone who sends your heart racing. Everything suggests that this could be the start of something special so make sure you stay on your best behavior! You can't get them out of your head and rest assured that the feeling is mutual. You are advised to refrain from playing games on this occasion as it won't work in your favor. Honesty is the best policy...

Wellness *****

You've got a sweet tooth and find it hard to say no to chocolate and candy. Get your hand out of the cookie jar!

Career ******

Jupiter is helping you to see that the future of your career lies in your hands only. A new job opportunity will soon come your way and you won't think twice before accepting it. If you're feeling out of your depth then ask your boss for some extra training.