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June 29, 2017

In Relationship ******

You can't get enough of kisses and cuddles from your partner at the moment and you're pulling out all the stops to be the best lover they ever had. The sun is shining down on your relationship and you're grinning from ear to ear. You've got your loved one wrapped around your little finger and all you have to do is click your fingers in order to get your own way. Your skills of seduction certainly won't fail you today!

Single ******

You've decided to throw caution to the wind and will agree to a date with a complete stranger today. You'll hit it off immediately and you have a sneaky suspicion that sparks will fly in the bedroom. You've made an effort to be more open and meet new people and it looks like you're about to reap the benefits. Keep your options open though as there is a high chance you'll be spoilt for choice today!

Wellness ***

Your social life is buzzing and the party invitations are flooding in. It won't do you any favors health-wise but at least you'll enjoy yourself!

Career *****

You can only count on yourself at work today as your colleagues don't have your back. One colleague in particular sees you as a threat and they will make it their mission to bring you down. Keep your distance from the situation and stay focused on your objectives.