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May 21, 2019

In Relationship ***

This might be an innocent game for you, your partner won't be able to swallow the way you try to seduce everyone you meet. To avoid triggering strong clashes, don't overstep limits. Be more respectful with your partner and put yourself in the latter's shoes. You'll see that imagining your sweetheart seducing left right and center, will calm down your enthusiasm.

Single ***

You won't be subtle about things today! Daring, if you like someone, you won't wait to address this person. You'll have a knack at expressing your messages. One thing is for sure, you shouldn't come home alone tonight, after having shared one of the most passionate evenings!

Wellness ****

You'll be more sensitive to headaches. If you have a dawning migraine, isolate yourself for a while and wait for it to go away.

Career ****

Inspired and motivated, you'll attack your day with several ideas and things to do. But you won't be rigorous. So you'll begin everything and won't finish anything. It's a pity as with a dash of organization, you could do wonders...