Free Daily Horoscope

The Scorpio Man


Dear Scorpio, you are an extremely seductive man, a real Don Juan!
A great observer of the world around you, you need to take on new challenges in order to feel alive, danger and risk-taking seem to be your most powerful allies.
You feel the urge the impose yourself and your natural authority. However, you can sometimes be too proud or brave for your own good, creating arguments, conflicts and all other types of incidents.
You are inspired in love. You know how to use your charm and powerful magnetism in order to attract your target.
Blessed with great analytical and thinking skills, you know how to make the right choices, in your professional, personal and family lives.
Seeing that you are not easily influenced, emotional blackmail will have no impact on you whatsoever. You are as attracted by charm and sensuality as you are by a great mind and interest shown in you.
When you admit your feelings, when you tell somebody that you love her, you then go and prove it. You always mean what you say and you never fail to back up your words with actions, which will please your other half. In your eyes, physical love is a way to transcend yourself. An orgasm gives you the impression to die before coming back to life straightaway. Jealous and possessive, you will not hesitate to end you relationship if you ever find out that you have been cheated on or lied to.

Nothing is more important to you than the notion of friendship. Prudent and extremely sensitive, you are like an ocean at the bottom of which lays a hidden treasure. Scared of being betrayed, you would rather be alone than suffer….