Free Daily Horoscope

The Aries Woman


As a lady Aries, it is safe to say that you are fiery and a bit of a femme fatale! Fire sign and first sign of the zodiac, you know how to stand out from the crowd in style. Just like a light, you can illuminate, awaken, stimulate and galvanize. Light is a gift and an ally, which you must learn how to master if you want to be capable of sharing it.
Slim but strong and muscular, you are elegant, with a beautiful and honest smile, coupled with shiny and expressive eyes. Your cheeks are at the right height.
As far as your makeup is concerned, you must highlight your eyes and lips. Subtle makeup will suit you to a T and reinforce your natural and spontaneous personality, even it takes longer to apply. Silver eyeshadow will allow you to grab the limelight, literally! But be careful not to cover yourself in glitter, it would not have the desired effect.

As far as colors are concerned, red goes really well with your fiery personality. Pearly white and shiny colors cheer you up, while highlighting your natural beauty. Do not necessarily follow fashion trends, it isn’t like you at all. You must be true to yourself and not hesitate to express your personality, you will only be prettier and more attractive as a result.