Free Daily Horoscope

The Aries Man


Womanizer and natural go-getter, dear Aries you are the walking definition of dynamism. Combative and dynamic, your enterprising nature allows you to stand out. With such leadership skills, you cannot stand weakness and self-pity, and you love nothing more than taking initiatives, directing, being the one in charge.
Natural born leader, you cannot, under any circumstances, be happy in a subordinate role. Your need for independence is huge and your freedom of action is more important than anything else. As a result, you hate routine and you cannot stand feeling trapped in a spiral of duties and obligations. Likely to break habits, you happily collaborate with natives of Gemini or Aquarius, who share the same opinions and working methods as you.
If a Capricorn somehow enters your professional life, you try your best to avoid him, scared that he could affect your authority and freedom. Cooperation with a Libra will awaken the hard-working individual in you.

In love, appearances are extremely importantly to you, you like someone who shines bright, who attracts attention, who is top of the range… Common looking people don’t do anything for you, you are attracted to beauty! Your criteria are clearly defined and you know exactly what you want. You love a slim but muscular, tanned and sporty looking woman! But all the above goes out the window as soon as a serious love relationship is concerned… An intelligent partner, who understands you and share common interests with you, will be what you are after in the long term.