Free Daily Horoscope

Taurus Sign of the Zodiac


In this sign dominated by Venus, the Sun doesn’t have the same intense and aggressive effect as during its visit in the sign of Aries, dominated by Mars.

You’re affectionate and polite but also lazy and lenient towards yourself. You like good food and fine wine; you work hard your whole life just to allow yourself to enjoy good food at home or in restaurants. You like art, painting and singing. You’re consistent and above all patient. This is thanks to your ability to control your impulsive nature. You reveal yourself as a good diplomat. You’re also quiet and have a very resistant and conservative mind. Not easily irritable, you only become dangerous under the influence of anger; during these times, you can do things that can jeopardize the strength of your intimate relationships, or relationships with your friends and your work colleagues. Sometimes you’re stubborn, have a conservative mind and just focus on yourself, you can also have an excessive desire for material properties.

You could well end up becoming rich but you also have a tendency to be too extravagant, especially with fashion. You’re strongly attracted to the opposite sex and this can sometimes create problems. You have a strong physical body which you need to show off in front of others. You have a strong and pleasant voice but your throat can cause you problems.

Your lucky numbers

2 (Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac). 4 (Venus, your planet, is in fourth position). 6 because it is the sum of both.

Your color

Green comes in infinite varieties. Rarely a color that is loved or hated, yet it is the dominating color of landscapes in tropical and temperate zones. In the Tibetan tradition, green is the color of action. Thus, Taurus is predominant over Saturn, which means it is inclined to internalization, and passivity will awaken if they dress themselves in green. For the others, activity will be stimulated.

Your biggest fault

You need love as much as you need maternal security and sometimes you have a tendency to oppose both. You then become very selfish.

Your best quality

You’re very caring for those you love. Your generosity and availability are highly appreciated …

Your career

Everything that is related to beauty, art, music, food or nature. Your creativity must be used to improve all your senses. You’ll be at ease in the worlds of beauty, fashion, jewellery, restoration and all jobs related to earth, nature, food or money. You love things that money can buy.