Free Daily Horoscope

The Cancer Woman


As a lady Cancer, you are extremely sensitive and your kids mean the world to you.
With the Moon as your master star, you are emotional, sweet, feminine and sentimental. You need to follow your gut feelings and have faith in order to take action. Your family is what matters the most to you. A perfect housewife, you know how to be a popular figure at home.
You certainly are sensitive! But sometimes, your difficulties to control your emotions mean that you could be pretty unpredictable. Any love scene, even from the worst B-movie ever made, could bring a tear to your eye and make you feel nostalgic. You also tend to be addicted to romantic soap operas. You need to be shown attention, it means a lot to you.
Feelings are very important to you, but so are your heritage and money, synonymous with stability. Afraid to be left alone, you tend to cling on to your entourage and be extremely protective.
Loving and motherly, you enjoy pampering your partner. Romantic and sentimental, you tend to live in a fantasy world and seek refuge in your wildest dreams.

As an excellent housewife, you always make sure nothing is missing at home. You cook for the man of your life and you enjoy looking after your love nest.
Hating frustration and constraints, materialistic comfort is very important to you. As soon as you are forced to tighten the belt, you do all in your power to improve your financial situation as soon as possible. Brave and perseverant, you are ready to roll your sleeves up in order to boost your income. You know how to learn from your mistakes, manage your budget efficiently and save up.