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Virgo Sign of the Zodiac


IIt is a combination of the influences of the Sun, Mercury and the 6th House. In Virgo, the Sun finds itself once again in the House of Mercury. This time, yet in a sign of Earth, its influence on the mental faculties of a man will create different effects than those that you would expect if it was in the sign of Gemini, the other house of Mercury.

Your spirit is rather monotonous, analytic, critical, moderate and tends to create a bridge between this world and the world beyond, between sky and earth, between real and transcendental or between theory and practice. You know how to discern all phenomenon. You’re methodical, diligent and a master of yourself. Lover of order and constant work, you risk giving in to pettiness and pedantry. You enjoy intellectual activities, especially literal or philosophical studies. You usually manage to reach an independent social position, show common sense, you’re agile and conscious. You can reach exceptional heights, glory and honor in your quest to power and universal spirituality. Sometimes, nevertheless, you can fall prey to being too calculating and often a selfish and ruthless attitude that seems to want to stifle all human feelings. You become mean when your interests are injured.

You can become a good chemist, nurse or doctor, not a surgeon but a doctor who believes in medicine taken in big quantities. You’re subject to imaginary illnesses, to nervousness and intestinal problems. You lack ambition and self-belief. You have an inferiority complex. You’re a valued employee and you will be asked to take on a leading place with important responsibilities even if your field of action is restricted and limited.

Your lucky numbers

6 (Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac). 3 (Mercury is your planet). 9(the sum of both numbers).

Your color

Beige. All the variations of beige, cream, off-white belong to Virgo. Appeasing and elegant color, it knows how to be discreet and forgotten if you want to make someone beside you stick out. We find some psychological aspects of Virgo here. With decorations – if you want to highlight your tablecloth, you dishes, your silverware and the center of your table with flowers – shades of cream will create warmth and distinction.

Your biggest fault

You’re a pain when it comes to paying attention to detail. We talk to you about a huge project, a giant fresco and you always end up focusing on a square inch of canvas where the painter didn’t use the color you would have preferred. It is very annoying.