Free Daily Horoscope

The Taurus Man


Particularly focused on your professional life, you are aware of the importance of having a good job in order to gain financial independence. As you cannot stand lacking money, you always try to plan ahead and not spend more than you are going to earn.
Happy to live life to the fullest, you are hedonistic and sensual. Of a very simple nature, you know how to enjoy the simplest things in life. Close to nature and to your family, you are the perfect father, happy to look after and take care of your little clan. Quite possessive and jealous, you like to « own » things and people… Touching your car, your territory, your wife is out of the question, or you could absolutely lose your usually relaxed temper and hold grudges for life!
Beauty and simplicity touch you. You are a man of good taste, who likes beautiful objects, noble and natural materials. Happy, you can often be seen singing in front of the mirror early in the morning… You are often found in artistic jobs and you try, as soon as possible, to add a touch of style to your work. Remaining aware of your potential and having the common sense to speak out when other people take unnecessary risks are your main strengths. You can also be trusted on the financial front, where a profit will effortlessly come your way!

As far as your looks are concerned, you like to dress up as a « geek », which you know how to adapt to your physical appearance and mood. You do not try to come across as someone you are not. Proud of your generally muscular physique, you wear sporty, relaxed but designer clothes as, just like a typical Scorpio, you are attracted by quality and elegance.