Free Daily Horoscope

The Pisces Man


Always looking for your siren, you are, dear Pisces, a poet, a dreamer, an indecisive romantic. As a poet, you obviously find it hard to know exactly where you stand and you are easily influenced by your friends or colleagues. With your head constantly in the clouds (or under water!), trying to bring you back down to earth is easier said than done. Especially as your touchy nature can sometimes cause arguments with your other half. But those are such minor flows that they will not affect your overall popularity.
Spiritual, even in love, you look for a symbiotic relationship, a partner with whom you will get on like a house on fire. Romantic and sweet, you can however find it hard to reveal who you really are at times.
Far too shy, you will never make the first move, even if you’ve clearly been given the green light. And the first move must only be made on your very smoothly, as you are easily shocked.
You are attracted to a feminine, misty and evanescent lady, who can reveal her personality through the clothes she wears.

As far as passion is concerned, the sexual act must never be something ordinary: the setting is as important as the actual act. You dream of excessiveness, impossible adventures with out of the ordinary characters, in unusual places. Your sex life will therefore always be lived on a sentimental level, even if the most casual of relationships.