Free Daily Horoscope

The Virgo Man


Sweet and faithful, as a male Virgo you are a real perfectionist. You like order and exactitude, and you can spend forever discussing the finest of details! But be careful, such a behavior can quickly annoy everybody around you. Slightly critical, sometimes obsessive, anything that isn’t under your control can worry you.
Curious, you like to learn and read about any given subject. Blessed with a great memory, you will hide your modest and shy nature by acting as a « know-it-all », which can get on everybody’s nerves!
What you love the most is to feel needed and to be asked for your opinion. You will then take control of the situation in a very efficient and impressively practical manner!
On the other hand, one must never the topic of health as, worried about your well-being and petrified of being ill, you have already ready every medical encyclopaedia available and your medicine cabinet is packed to the rafters. A bit of a hypochondriac, you will not stop talking about your problems. And unsurprisingly, you tend to blow everything out of proportion!
Meticulous, you are made for jobs requiring organization, patience, imagination and devotion. You are also shy and you lack self-confidence.

Courteous, you love to make yourself useful, but a lack of self-confidence can sometimes lead you to be a bit clumsy. As a result, a Virgo man often ends up single. Too suspicious, demanding and reserved, you find it hard to meet people and seduce… which is a shame as you are as sweet as it gets once you have found your comfort zone. Faithful and responsible, you make an excellent head of household, even if your sense of humor can sometimes leave a lot to be desired.