Free Daily Horoscope

The Aquarius Woman


Nervous and inspired, curious and versatile, always listening out for the latest gossip, you need people around you as much as you need oxygen to breathe. Sociable and relaxed, you feel comfortable in all environments and situations, even the more so as your eccentric nature highlights your natural beauty. Refined, electric and often eccentric, you like to be noticed for your intelligence and your kindness, as well as for your sometimes « extravagant » items of clothing. You haven’t got enough time to look after your body. You are pretty and attractive because your beauty goes beyond your physical appearance. Your magnetic charm attracts people around you, whatever their gender, age, skin color or religion. Everybody likes you!
Your intelligence is there for everyone to see, especially when you try to fix a problem or take care of the one you love. With a genuine interest in others, you are able to understand, surprise, plan and find original answers to all questions asked. So happy to feel useful and well liked, you end up getting involved in the business of your loved ones or even of total strangers you have just met. You are the « Mother Theresa » of your family or neighborhood.

In love, it is for the best if you don’t end up trapped in a gilded cage. You need to be physically and mentally supported and protected. In any case, you are advised not to have too many people around you, as you would feel suffocated in no time. You can be everywhere at once, without knowing where you really stand. Your partner must be patient, as you will eventually settle down.

You’ve got a difficult personality and you often argue with the people surrounding you. You have a tendency to lose money due to gambling and betting. You have a scientific mind and a strong interest for occult science. You’re intelligent, sensitive, a bit sentimental and fine despite an apparent coldness. You’re a good mechanic and good at things that are related to electricity, you can be a successful manager, official or employee in a philanthropic association or a public benefit corporation. Be careful, you’re predisposed to have visual problems.