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November 14, 2018

In Relationship ****

There will be promising complicity with your partner. It's exactly how you like it. You'll discuss a lot, you'll address various topics and exchange but you'll also feel very close to one another. This connection and friendliness which is more than something romantic, will suit both of you very well as none of you are in the mood for special cuddles.

Single ****

You'll attract several suitors, especially if you surf around the internet to meet someone. Your easy-going nature will help you forge ties quite quickly. At least, you'll be surrounded virtually but also scattered. You'll move from one person to another and won't intensify any relationship.

Wellness *****

Your balance will be more psychological rather than physical. As you'll be in high spirits, everything will be fine or almost fine in terms of vitality.

Career *****

You'll be very motivated to forge ahead, while things won't be self-evident, far from it. This won't prevent you from being efficient. You'll be quick, opportunistic and you could accomplish tasks of many people, without weakening.