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August 19, 2019

In Relationship ****

You should be able to find a moment to listen to your partner's requests. You mustn't get overwhelmed due to your professional life which takes up your time. Don't forget to leave your work behind, once you enter home. Your partner's expectations might lead to remarks and you may not like them.

Single ****

You require peaceful moments as you like being alone. Your charm is appealing but couple life or any stable relationship is of no interest to you. Your quest in love concerns a passionate adventure without having to justify yourself. Accept the invitations you get. They increase your chances of experiencing a romantic ideal.

Wellness ***

You want peaceful moments. You stay away from noise or any source of stress which bothers you.

Career ****

Uranus your planet, helps you forge ahead. You take some risks to find a new job. You should receive unexpected support from a colleague. You inspire confidence. This person sees the potential within you and tries to be there for you.