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June 29, 2017

In Relationship **

Life together will have nothing to do with a long quiet stream. Getting back to reality may jeopardize the harmony that prevails in your relationship. You need to remain vigilant so that silence and misunderstanding does not set into your marital life. If you expect your partner to take charge of your love life, you will be disappointed.

Single **

You will not be able to promise this person you are seeing to make a long term commitment. Your outspokenness will be your honor, but don't be surprised by them not being very motivated to see you. Your unpleasant words will cast a chill and they will no longer want to continue chatting with you over the Internet. You will regret your words, but it will be too late.

Wellness **

Double up your precautions against liver troubles. Eat balanced meals and avoid too much sugars or fats.

Career *****

You will prove that your work methods, based on intuition more than logic, will be effective. Just don't give in to being over-confident which will make you sleep on your laurels instead of trying to consolidate your assets.