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December 14, 2017

In Relationship **

If you don't want to spend the evening sulking, back off a little. Your fiery temperament awakens and your partner has to put up with it. Clashes emerge due to financial issues and you don't agree. To make up and get forgiveness, be as sweet as honey and admit your guilt.

Single **

You're direct and when something suits you, you're direct about it. This timeliness triggers reactions from your entourage. You're straightforward about your feelings on love and for the time being, it's out of the question to talk to you about a serious relationship. You prefer an intense fling which leaves a lifelong memory.

Wellness **

You might sleep all wound up and feel blue. The entire day's irritation tired you out.

Career ***

You do your best to retain your good mood but keep your cool. Tensions with collaborators might offend you in an unusual manner. Your ambitions and creative sense might trigger obvious rivalries.