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September 20, 2018

In Relationship **

There's no point getting your knickers in a twist just because your partner isn't giving in to your demands. They often back down in order to keep the peace but they've decided to stand their ground today. It may come as a surprise to you to see that you can't have it your way all of the time but the sooner you learn this lesson the better!

Single **

If you're currently looking for love then be prepared to be swept off your feet today. A whirlwind romance was the last thing you expected today but you're certainly not complaining. That said, there is little chance of this romance going the distance so try to keep your feet on the ground. It may not be true love but that's no reason not to enjoy it in the meantime!

Wellness ****

You're feeling down in the dumps but you're determined to get back in the driving seat. Your diet needs some urgent attention...

Career ***

Your work often suffers from a lack of organization and rigor but you've decided to be more careful from now on. Your colleagues have given you some wise words of advice and you're determined to follow them to the letter. If it works for them then it can work for you too!