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July 22, 2018

In Relationship *****

The spirit has seized you; you have great ideas to reignite your mutual desire for each other. And it won't take much to light that fire. You know how to talk to your partner, by highlighting their personality. You're feeling close to each other; expect tender moments together. You'd also like to put a little touch of fantasy in your sexual life.

Single *****

Being with you isn't easy. You have a strong personality, and it tends to ratchet up the atmosphere; you get heated quite easily. It's not easy to comment on your life. Your friendships are satisfying and dynamic. Treat yourself; let your charm do its work. You'll quickly realize that your powers of seduction are a force to be reckoned with.

Wellness ****

You're beginning to feel tired; this may be due to a lack of sleep or a poor diet.

Career ******

You're entering into a new phase in your life. It's essential that you have people who are supportive around you, friends and loved ones who can give you good advice. You also need to do some kind of extra training or research for your professional life.