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May 21, 2019

In Relationship *

Your mood swings are starting to grate on your partner so don't be surprised if they end up avoiding you like the plague today. Mars is making you argumentative and you've pushed your other half a step too far. You'll even go as far as going through your partner's phone and credit card bills, just to check they're not up to no good. Naughty you!

Single *

If a certain someone is resisting your advances then you'll decide to admit defeat rather than go out of your way to seduce them. Life's too short and you have no desire to run after someone who doesn't seem interested. In fact, you're just about ready to give up on your quest for true love and resign yourself to the lonely single life for the rest of your days.

Wellness *

You'll find yourself tossing and turning in bed this evening and it will do nothing to help the underlying feeling of stress and fatigue. Ouch...

Career *

The negative effects of Mars are throwing a spanner in the works for your career. You're running on empty and all you can think about is clocking off and going home. You're getting behind with your projects and your boss will soon be breathing down your neck.