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January 18, 2019

In Relationship ****

Doing activities with your partner will help you strengthen your relationship. You're closer with them intellectually, and your conversations are enriching. Let yourself enjoy this positive atmosphere. Today will be a good time to declare your love for your partner; both of you are understanding of each other.

Single ****

You're fiercely independent. Your love life is fairly unstable, but that sense of chaos doesn't upset you. Several people might attract you intellectually and physically, and you'll have some tricky choices to make. Don't try to force fate, because your emotional future is unclear.

Wellness ****

You don't feel tired, and you'll recuperate any loss of energy quickly. Your sleep might be short.

Career *****

Your career is taking an interesting turn. People are putting their trust in you, and might put you in charge of a project. A promotion is within reach, but it's causing some division coworkers, some of whom may grow jealous.