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October 17, 2017

In Relationship **

Your professional worries could affect your sentimental life today. You're annoyed at your partner for not being able to understand your current priorities... Unfortunately, he or she expects exactly the same from you! You both want a lot without really being ready to give much in return... Try to at least be nice to each other when you happen to be in the same room!

Single **

Don't lose your temper simply because someone is rejecting your advances! You can't always win on the sentimental front. Just because you're not used to being told no doesn't mean that you should be rude to that person. You could have remained friends, they might even have changed their mind later on... But no, it's too late now!

Wellness **

Learn how to pace yourself before your body runs out of gas! Being out of action with a virus for a couple of days is the last thing you need!

Career ****

An increased workload will force you to learn how to prioritize today. Being able to cope with those extra responsibilities will help you move your career forward. Expect a productive day in the workplace this Tuesday.