Free Daily Horoscope

The Capricorn Woman


A natural leader, ambitious and liking your own company, you expect a lot from members of the opposite sex. If the men you meet aren’t aiming high, you are likely to be disappointed, feeling sad and melancholic as a result, which will lead you to cut yourself off from the rest of the world.
At first sight, you come across as cold and you don’t talk much. However, behind such an unwelcoming appearance, you know how to use your charm to perfection. Reticent to make the first move, you attempt to seduce your target with discrete signs such as brief smiles and quick winks. You know how important it is to make positive eye contact. It’s down to the man to understand your hints. Mysterious and sensual, you know perfectly well how to remain secretive and enigmatic.
With you, love is not a game! Oh no! Love is something serious, which needs time and privacy to grow. You can also turn out to be extremely jealous when in a relationship. Very critical, you find it very challenging to ignore your partner’s weaknesses.

If you don’t allow your feeling to get the better of you, you lady Capricorn, the ambitious, are able to climb to the top, overcoming all obstacles in your way thanks to your audacious nature. You often cut yourself off from the rest of the world in hidden refuges. You are capable of freezing and refusing to budge as soon as something doesn’t go your way.