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Libra Sign of the Zodiac


Libra is governed by Venus; it’s the seventh sign which means it combines the influences of Venus, the Sun and the 7th House. According to some astrologist, the Sun in Libra finds itself in « free fall ». Libra is also the sign of exaltation of Saturn and it is in this sign that the planet reaches its limits, adding to the art of Venus a natural attraction to construction.

You’re all soft, ready for any compromises as long as there is no hassle or disagreement. You also tend to balance your situation and help the situations of other people. You’re sentimental but not passionate; your warmth towards others is more of a formality than something natural: you revel in compliments and providing kindness. You’re a good observer but you’re not really able to draw valuable lessons from your past experiences. Your love of calm and harmony can easily degenerate and become indifference or laziness; anyway you’re more meditative than active. You have artistic inclinations and when talents really become amiss you show yourself as a dilettante, someone valuable and enjoyable in society, especially in the field of musical interpretation. Sometimes you have a light and fickle spirit, a love for dilettantism and a need for approval.

You love you spouse more than anyone else and we can say that for you the sun rises and sets in your partner. You have a potential for architecture or decorating. You have a nice voice and the talent to be a singer. Be careful, you are at risk of kidney and skin diseases.

Your lucky numbers

7 (Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac). 4 (Mercury is your planet). 11 (the sum of both). 2 (the resultant of 11).

Your color

Pink and every pastel color with orange dominating. You need to be noticed with kindness and sensuality. It won’t be useful or advised to wear bright colors as they will hide your true beauty.

Your biggest fault

Your lack of decision-making ability because you spend too much time trying to find out if you’re right or wrong. By always procrastinating you sometimes miss out on phenomenal opportunities and you could spend your life blaming yourself.

Your best quality

Your sense of justice, without a doubt. No a week goes without you using it, you strongly believe in equity and harmony between people.You do very well at your own level…

Your intellectual distractions

Enthusiasm, courage, distinction, honesty, generosity, nobility, feelings.

Your career

You love living in a lively environment, seeing people, having friends around or going to theirs, going to the theatre. You must always be with people or you get bored! As you know how to be friendly, people tend to like you and you are rarely left alone. You will also be used as a referee or judge thanks to your sense of equity. You will happily to do, and feel smug about it! You love everything beautiful and artistic. If, somehow, you end up alone, you will listen to music, unless you’re playing an instrument yourself, or you will start reading an obscure novel. But your main distraction will be to court ladies!