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Libra 2015 Horoscope


Libra 2015 Horoscope


Don’t hesitate to take a few financial risks in this opening month of the year. Your budget will cope perfectly well! Buy a car or something even bigger depending on what you can afford. You will need to feel involved in an ambitious project in order to stay motivated!


Be less fearful on the love front! Whether you are single or in a relationship, you can assert your personality and express your desires without putting your current situation at risk! On the contrary, a strong personality could prove to be extremely popular! You’re not as weak as you thought!


You will have to reassess your desires, especially on the professional front. It’s obvious that the beginning of the year will not match your expectations, but that’s not a reason to go back to the drawing board! Keep what’s worth keeping instead of dwelling on disillusions!


Temporarily lower the bar on the professional front, at least while you’re trying to land back on your feet! Neptune will prevent you from truly understanding what’s going on this month. Stick to your daily routine and don’t venture out of your comfort zone in order to limit the damage.


Why don’t you make the most of your impressive energy levels this month? You’ve always wanted to do some DIY or cook for all your family but never had the time to do so? Not anymore! You will be creative and dynamic enough to achieve everything you want to do this month.


Mood swings will be on the cards in June. Look for the positive in other people, as well as in your everyday life. Ignore any temporary negative thoughts, they will vanish before you even know it. Don’t let doubts get the better of you.


Love will not be on the menu if you refuse to make an effort! Venus will not have any significant surprises in store for you, but it will not halt your progress on the sentimental front either. Saturn, on the other hand, will highlight the negative side of any situation. Nothing is set in stone yet!


Get back in touch with friends or relatives you haven’t heard from in a while. A simple email or phone call could bring a lovely surprise your way, on top of making whoever is on the receiving end happy! Dare to make the first move!


Down to earth and with your head firmly screwed on, you can begin to get projects underway this September. Get in touch with the right people, look for advice, get the ball rolling. You will only be more optimistic about the future as a result!


You will be ready to move mountains this month! However, try to listen to your body when it’s screaming out for a rest! Take regular breaks and make sure your activities are varied. Forcing things through when they’re clearly not going to happen will not get you anywhere!


Aware that your love life is at a standstill, turn to your friends in order to spice up your relationships! One of them could even introduce you to a potential partner. Keep your eyes peeled, don’t turn down any offer to go out and smile at all times!


Professional progress will be encouraged during this final month of the year. But don’t think that the planets will hand success on a plate for you, personal efforts will be required too! Don’t hesitate to take original initiatives in order to get yourself noticed!