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Pisces 2017 Horoscope


Pisces 2017 Horoscope


A naughty month!

The Venus-Neptune-Mars trio will make you a great lover or an excellent mistress. This is why, love will be your priority throughout the month. Singletons, you’re going to flutter around. Couples, you’re going to restyle Kamasutra! Marquis de Sade has things to learn!


A promising month…

Under the effects of the Sun-Jupiter trine, you’ll feel like drifting off to new professional horizons. A job in keeping with your talent. With well-placed Mercury, you’ll always be filled with ideas to make extra money, and put butter on your bread.


Finances -1, neighbor-0!

The Sun-Mercury duo will ensure a good continuity in your revenues. Buddy Pisces, with good management, your nest egg will only increase. A prisoner of Lunar oppositions, a neighborly quarrel will get completely out of hand. Try to calm things down!


The stars aren’t being nice…

Due to disturbances from Neptune and the black Moon, a row with your children could turn into a cockfight. Use your authority intelligently. In your love life, due to opposition from Venus, you won’t be clear sighted and completely out of sync with reality.


Professional introspection!

Throughout May, your professional aspirations won’t be fulfilled at all. As the days go by, you’ll show all your qualities but also your weaknesses! Dissonances from the Mars-Neptune duo will play with your nerves. Remain zen and don’t feed your impulsiveness.


You’ll be the zodiac hedonist!

With the Venus-Neptune sextil, you’ll be a pleasure-seeker of life. You’ll like stability and desire to be pampered. You’ll want your love life to be perfect. Due to Sun’s visit, you’ll be able to resist stress. Your natural drive will come along after all your pitfalls.


A prosperous month!

Through the Sun-Neptune trine, a ray of hope will shine on your love life. Extinguished embers will light up…Moreover, you’ll trust your sixth sense. For your vitality, Sun will make you a robust fellow. Go on and be bold…


Pour money down the drain!

Buddy Pisces, under the dominating Mercury-Neptune opposition, your expenses will be more than your revenues. Moreover, you might be a victim of financial swindling. Whether you’re on vacation or at home, it’ll be a month for frauds…


Extremely careful!

With very good impulses from the Neptune-Pluto sextil, you’ll manage to alternate care and audacity with your money. Despite everything, you won’t be able to resist but check your operations and bank account everyday. This way, you’ll sleep the sleep of the just!


A foul character…

With the Venus-Neptune opposition, you’ll be indifferent and in a bad mood throughout October. Moreover, you might even adopt the “every man for himself” attitude. Indeed, you’ll be fed up of taking care of your partner’s oversensitive nature.


A tailor-made romantic scenario!

Thanks to the Venus-Neptune trine, your romantic life will have a new lease of life. This is why you’ll be glowing. Your dramatic soul will increase your will and thirst for experience. Buddy Pisces, enjoy this planetary climate to make good resolutions.


Visit from a professional witness!

Flexibility will play a vital role at work. The Jupiter-Neptune trine will help you play your cards right. This will make you take better advantage of your many assets. One thing will be for sure, you’ll like well done work and on this subject, you can sleep soundly…