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Sagittarius 2017 Horoscope


Sagittarius 2017 Horoscope


Set up a battle plan!

With the Mars-Neptune duo, it’ll be timely to put your priorities on hot topics. At work, you’ll either do overtime or bring work to your home! Your love life won’t be as active. You can’t be everywhere at once, and be as efficient.


Sheer hard work!

With the impulses from the Saturn-Uranus trine, pending things will gradually be realized in a positive manner. You’ll be attentive and analytical. As for your finances, the Venus-Mars duo might make you win a long-term endeavor. You might get a beautiful jackpot!


Half in earnest, half in jest!

Dissonances from Venus will complicate your love life. During March, you’ll need to feel your way along!! You’ll need to prove your credentials…In your work, the Mars-Saturn trine will make you perform wonderfully. You’ll be innovative and won’t give into doubt.


Rediscover your positive attitude!

Prisoner of Saturn, your energy level will decrease. This will cause some lack of motivation and you’ll feel really down! Find a hobby quickly! Restricted by Venus, you won’t be quite present in your love life. You’ll have a hard time imagining yourself happy in your love life.


A captivating look!

In friendship, your knowledge and simplicity will win over your closest friends! Mars will make you even more charismatic. As for your finances, Pluto will intensify your know-how! To negotiate an interest rate, your interlocutors won’t have a choice but to give way.


Work will run in your blood.

Buddy Sagittarius, confidence is the first thing that leads you to success. You won’t lack confidence in your job! You’ll rise to a challenge brilliantly, laid down by your superiors or yourself. The Saturn-Uranus trine, will give you the necessary tools to continue in your direction.


Vitality is priority!

July will be the ideal month to pamper yourself with clothes and physique as well. This will boost your cells and put a smile across your face…Under the good auspices of the Uranus trine, you’ll spend without counting and test new activities, even unusual ones.


You’ll be a visionary!

With the Saturn-Uranus trine, you’ll question your activity. This might lead to emerging projects which you’ll handle later. For efficacy, you’ll divide your assets. The principle of communicating vessels!


A jewel looking for his pearl!

Thank the powerful Jupiter-Saturn sextil. Due to him, you’ll have a winner’s attitude. It’ll resonate around you and the need to strengthen your ties will be obvious. Your passionate nature will lead you to experience an intense relationship during the month.


Work to pay food and bills…

The Venus-Saturn square will oppose your love life and work. You’ll fall in love easily. You’ll have an irritating and unbearable ego. If you knew you would lack this much motivation at work, you would have taken a few weeks off.


You’ll firmly take the helm!

You’ll have great experience in your professional sector. With Mercury, you’ll be on the road to success. Move forward and take action. Buddy Sagittarius, you’ll handle your finances like an expert due to Venus’s visit.


A romantic GPS at your disposal!

In your love life, the Venus-Mercury duo will contribute in giving you indications on which path to choose and what kind of company to keep. This is why you’ll know exactly what to do, however, it won’t suit you. At work, it’ll be the same thing.