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Aries 2021 Horoscope


Aries 2021 Horoscope


Mars in Taurus will make you resistant and consistent while moving forward and not being hasty. You’re going to intensify and handle issues by avoiding the trap of excessive audacity and reckless risks. Venus in Capricorn will temper your momentum, but don’t forget your heart.


You’ll stock up on love and friendship, under the Venus/Jupiter conjunction. Charismatic and spontaneous, these qualities will be precious to forge ties and become part of a team. In your love life, you’ll diffuse clashes as soon as it threatens and preserve communication, regardless of what happens.


Avoid moving forward blindly, even if you’re careful, it’ll be tough to move forward. You’ll lack visibility on projects, situations and you may be misled while taking decisions. Mars in Gemini will give you good advise, by calling upon loved ones.


Happiness will come along and favor your personal life. Mars in Gemini will put ideas and actions at the disposal of your love life, family and leisure. Venus in Taurus will convince you to stop time and enjoy life, review your desires.


By coming in your shadow zone, Jupiter in Pisces will force you to rethink your position. It’ll help you highlight your aspirations with a lifestyle which is more in keeping with your personal ethic. It’s aim will be to preserve your spontaneity and come out of your shell.


Caught between Mercury and Saturn in retrograde, you won’t be fluid while communicating. Aries is ambitious and bold, won’t be certain of its choices. Luckily, the step you’re going to take will lead to new, happy and radiant horizons.


Mars and Venus will send you nudges and position your love life as the priority. By retaining the best, you’ll make the most of your happiness. Naughty games will be great excuses for snuggles. Financially speaking, you’ll need to remain alert. A partnership may stumble over the income.


Your activities will work well, love will be in full swing and things will favor you. Your visionary mind will have a field day with Jupiter’s return in Aquarius. The more your projects are innovative, the better they’ll be welcome. You’ll have enough leeway to create willingly.


You won’t need to fight. Mercury’s opposition with your sign will make you come across situations which are more delightful rather than stormy. You’ll take advantage of a context which won’t be favorable anymore, by drawing on energy through Venus in Libra, the ideal position to pacify exchanges.


With Jupiter forging ahead, it’ll be the ideal month to highlight your assets. Stepping up will be rewarding. You’ll get a promotion or the contract you want. At arms length but with great results. You won’t get much sleep, as your nights will be filled with love.


This November sky will give you a hard time with questionings which is a must. Remind yourself that it’ll be a process which will allow you to have a better relationship with the other person and build something positive. You won’t feel safe in this uncertain situation.


You’ll give substance to your projects, by promising yourself that you won’t rush headlong. There will be a long way to go but everything you implement during this last month of the year will take shape in the coming month. You’ll end the year with several questions, to materialize your ideas.