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Cancer 2021 Horoscope


Cancer 2021 Horoscope


The beginning of the year will have a déjà vu look, under this Capricorn atmosphere. It’ll be better to face reality. Begin by handling this financial dispute. A confusion at work will require you to justify yourself. Mars will support you by making you combative.


Mercury will trigger chaos in your finances. Hitches will force you to juggle with money, to balance out your budget. Venus will idealize your feelings by favoring the most romantic ones. In Taurus, Mars will channel your energies as soon as you feel the need to take action urgently.


Before taking a breather, you’ll fight with persistence to lead your projects properly. You’ll really want to improve your situation; your desire to love just as you want to will be at its peak. You’ll begin to live the life which gets you together and proudly combines dreams and reality.


Under Mars’s influence in Gemini, you’ll be advised to favor action over reflection, without asking yourself useless questions. Socially speaking, support will lead to opportunities, your capacities will be highlighted. April is going to be a productive month, with a happy event and pleasant moments to share.


You’ll follow the precept this May by doing what you like. Mars in your sign will be your ally to assert your personality. You’ll go your merry way and get rid of obstacles through a masterstroke. Your heart will be on the reserve but open.


One can’t be in two places at once, this is what you’ll realize during June. With Jupiter who’ll backtrack, you’ll stop things to better plan the future and define your priorities. This strategy will be good for you. In your love life, your heart will pound wildly.


Mercury will be the messenger of your love life. Couples, this will be portrayed through touching and surprising affection by your partner. Singletons, an unexpected encounter will come along. Competition for the other could speed up the development of your activities.


Mercury will favor your business. You’ll show incredible sharpness while accounting your income. Your actions will favor the family’s interest. In your love life, you’ll forget about your calculator and focus on your partner. You’ll crave for passionate and entertaining plans.


Mars will boost confidence in your own abilities to succeed. But don’t say anything or unveil this as one might steal you ideas or let you get influenced by ill-willed people. In in your love life, you’ll love your partner even more or someone who made your heart quiver right from the first glance.


You’ll feel the need to overcome constraints, traditions and habits. Jupiter in Aquarius, this will be the reason why you’ll rebel. Be careful, as liberty has a cost to pay and it can be steep if you don’t take the consequences into account. Show some discernment before taking action.


Mercury, like a charm will protect your social life. Your perspectives will expand with reliable, concrete and profitable projects. You’ll prevail on the field. You’ll have administrative procedures with files to round off. In your love life, you’ll move forward solo rather than as a couple.


You’ll carry out several steps to clarify a complex situation. Money issues are going to be tough. Then your sky will brighten up through a combination of circumstances and accounts will be put afloat and projects up and operating and thousands of kisses. Your year end will be promising.