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Leo 2020 Horoscope


Leo 2020 Horoscope


Mars in Sagittarius will fill you with energy and give your libido a boost. Great news for those of you who like playing sports or are still single! You should be incredibly successful. A hard worker, you will enjoy helping out the people around you, in both your private and professional lives: you simply love feeling useful!


Venus in Aries will put your love life under the spotlight. Whether you’re single or a in a relationship, you should enjoy a particularly fulfilling month on the sentimental front. Some of you could decide to book a romantic trip away with your partner. Be as romantic as you want: happy Valentine’s Day my Leo friend!


Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will have a busy month in store for you. You will be forced to work twice as hard as usual to launch a project on time or meet your deadlines. Don’t expect to be getting a rest soon! Under pressure, you will often feel exhausted: stick to a healthy lifestyle if you can!


If you’re taken, Mars and Saturn in Aquarius will have a negative impact on your relationship. You and your partner will find it impossible to understand each other! Be careful not to lose your cool too many times… You will hate most people, but spending time with your friends will remind you that your life isn’t actually that bad!


The Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Taurus will put your professional life under the spotlight. Some of you could be offered a promotion, while others will decide to move their career in a different direction. Being in a job you love will make you incredibly happy: your hard work will finally get the recognition it deserves!


The Sun and Venus retrograde in Gemini will put the spotlight on your projects and friendships. But it could take you slightly longer than planned to bring one of your ideas to life… Everything happens for a reason: maybe it wasn’t ready to be launched yet! Make the necessary changes to this project of yours.


Mars staying in Aries for the next six months will encourage you to take bold initiatives. You should manage to move closer to your goals this July! Impressively brave, you will not stop believing in yourself in the workplace: your results will speak for themselves before long, my Leo friend!


The Sun and Mars will fill you with energy and enthusiasm. You will literally not be afraid of anything this August! You will enjoy taking on new challenges, both in the gym like in the workplace. This is the perfect time of the year to get a new project underway: some of you could even be tempted to move abroad!


Mars retrograde encourages you to take the time to enjoy yourself this month. Slow down! Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Mercury and Venus in your sign will help you make fantastic memories with your friends and lover. No longer obsessed with reaching your professional goals, you will enjoy life with the people who mean the world to you!


Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will have a negative impact on your family relationships. Misunderstandings will be in the cards, and you could be incredibly mean to some of your loved ones in the heat of the moment… Calm yourself down and always think about the consequences of your actions. You’re a lover, not a fighter!


Venus in Libra will give your social skills a boost. You will surround yourself with caring and helpful individuals this month. Expand your network and meet as many new people as possible. A great team player, everybody will love working with you: you should soon manage to move your career forward!


With the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, you will enjoy spending time with your children, who you will absolutely spoil during the festive season. Jupiter and Saturn moving to Aquarius could decide to take your relationship to the next level: you could propose to your partner, be proposed to or get married this month!