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Leo 2021 Horoscope


Leo 2021 Horoscope


This January isn’t going to be easy with Mars and Uranus squared with your Uranus. It’ll be tough to tune in, voices may be raised, doors may be slammed shut but despite this turbulent atmosphere, no questions about getting discouraged due to the difficulties.


These four planets facing you in Aquarius will all agree to suggest to take others into account but also the ideas of your entourage. One of them may help you realize a project. It’ll be up to your partner to be attentive, about a commitment you need to make.


Under this Pisces sky, you’ll lack bearings but if you were to listen to your intuition, you’ll be able to see things more clearly. Mars in Gemini will support you to find last minute solutions, which will help you temporarily. Venus, after some shyness, will be conquering for your love life.


Under this triple Aries sky, you’ll resume the desire to enjoy life. Problems will still be present, but you’ll look at these in a more optimistic manner. This new momentum within you will be your anchor point, to materialize your projects by the end of the year. Your optimism will guide you.


You’ll wander around depending on your half tone mood. You’ll think about your future and your position won’t be comfortable for you or your entourage. With Mars who’ll glue your shadow sector, you’ll need some time to direct your energy in the right direction.


While you’ll keep your love life at a distance or experience these secretly, you’ll speed things up in your professional life. Mars in you sign will highlight willingness to devote yourself at work. Persistent, you won’t let go until you don’t achieve results.


Your love life will be magical, idyllic and put you in a great mood. You’ll attack and look for other projects, one of which may transform your personal life. Taking action with loved ones will increase your chances for success. In terms of shape, you’ll remain dynamic from morning till evening.


Mercury in Virgo will come at the right time to instruct your ideas. After having been scattered, you’ll focus on one or two important projects. You’ll strengthen ties with your partner. Singletons, Venus in Libra will promise quite a lot of admirers. Any activity to do with interpersonal skills will suit you.


The context will be optimal for your projects. In Libra, Mercury will favor you to succeed during negotiations. You’ll also be supported by Mars to achieve your ends. As for your love life, anything you undertake together will work with Venus who’ll be there to support you.


You’ll be so competent that one will give you more tasks. Initially, things will get struck physically and then financially. You’re not sure that money will follow along. Jupiter in Aquarius might create an illusion but be careful with beautiful promises. Demand for clear and concise written agreements.


Mostly in the Earth and Water sign, planets will influence your destiny a little. Apart from Jupiter in Aquarius, who’ll move pawns and make a situation move forward. A gap shall open a little, in which you’ll rush in. In your love life, talk openly, this way you’ll see things more clearly.


Jupiter and Saturn with your rival, point out a difficulty while taking actions and coming across unexpected hitches. Mars in Sagittarius will bank on your sense of adaptation, to get moving depending on the situation. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, if you’re in a tough spot. One will support you.