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Cancer and Libra
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Cancer and Libra come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Cancer and Libra? Find out to what extend Libra and Cancer can match together. Let’s discover Cancer and Libra love matches!

A tidy house and a perfect fashion sense are what the Libra falls for!

A Libra candidate is the ideal partner for a Cancer. He represents everything the latter looks for in love – Stability, sensibility and kindness- while the Libra will fall for the class, the tenderness and the intelligence of the Cancer. Possessions and comfort are for them the materialization or the proof of the acquisition of a certain balance. The bubble of stability they both create around them is a haven for all those who live with or around them. Needless to say these two signs are attracted to each other like magnets. Although very similar, Libra generally looks for mental stimulation when the native of Cancer has strong emotional needs. Because they are both Cardinal signs in the zodiac, they happen to be true initiators in life : Power struggles are bound to happen. In the long term, both can suffer from their respective indecision and lack of confidence.

To sum up:This person knows how to make you dream and feel special!

Strength: Charm


Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility