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Cancer and Sagittarius
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Cancer and Sagittarius come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Cancer and Sagittarius? Find out to what extend Cancer and Sagittarius can match together. Let’s discover Sagittarius and Cancer love matches!

Bring tranquil strength to this sign who can’t stop moving!

Two signs living in two different worlds. The stay-at-home and introverted Cancer hides in his ivory-tower, living on hopes and aspirations while the extroverted and adventurous Sagittarius is simply looking for the thrills. A Cancer seeks a peaceful and quiet family life, while a Sagittarius cares to preserve his free, independent life-style. Although the Sagittarius is happy to feel loved and cherished, he/she needs to conquer the world. In other words, the Cancer guarantees a safe sanctuary for the Sagittarius to come home to. In return, he/she will spice up the crab’s life with the excitement it was lacking. But believing that the Sagittarius will adopt the same life-style is sterile. The Cancer had better not hurry things or ask for commitment too soon or he/she will lose the game. This relationship is going to take serious compromises if you want it to last.

To sum up:One day yes, one day no! Very different, but complementary!

Strength: The sparkle

Weakness: Instability

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility