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Leo and Leo
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Leo and Leo come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Leo and Leo? Find out to what extend Leo and Leo can match together. Let’s discover Leo and Leo love matches!

You are similar, no need to try hard, you like each other!

Two Leos together and there is passion in the jungle that is your love life ! There’s no need to fight the feeling, you are attracted to each other like magnets. Your relationship is flamboyant and lively : Go ahead and roar together ! There’s a multitude of intense feelings, satisfied desires and pleasures to be shared between you. How to put this…It’s HOT in your den ! Trying to ignore each other is pointless : You’re both attracted to your good looks and social presence. Entertainment, fun, social outings are your thing. Boredom is unlikely to affect your couple. Being away from your soul mate and you feel like an abandoned ship. The only drawback in a Leo-Leo relationship would be the union of two natural leaders : Sharing the wheel isn’t that easy !

To sum up:As dynamic as each other, expect passion!

Strength: Sex life

Weakness: Dissipation

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility