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May 2019


Bank on the first half on the month! Venus and Jupiter ensure tender and warm moments. Your couple shall be really in sync. Both of you combine your energies to improve your home sweet home. Works, a move, anything is possible to create a new love nest. After the 15th, things seem to get stuck a little between both of you when it comes to your home, family or accommodation. Singletons, you question many things...


Mars until the 15th helps you confront unplanned events and others complications. Additional responsibilities, a more gratifying job or even a new imposed environment will put you under pressure. During the second half of the month, some people promise to help you and disappear as soon as you need them! You can only count on yourself. 22nd onward, your ideas are clearer, your creativity is back on track. You've found your niche!


Your finances are quite fine. They benefit from the great deals inspired by Neptune and luck inspired by Jupiter. Suffice to say that if you handle your money well, you should get a comfortable head start. Nothing prevents you from trying out your luck at games, while remaining reasonable on your bets. Jupiter might have an excellent surprise for you. Not to mention the awaiting amounts from an administration which are unblocked. Do your accounts!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 12: on the 5th, you show your ingenuity and this is admired by all! Week from the 13th until the 19th: on the 16th, your motivation is low. Take a break, you'll be in better shape. Week from the 20th until the 26th: on the 23rd, your creativity saves you from a delicate situation. Week from the 27th until the 31st: on the 30th, you come across a striking encounter in your close entourage.


The first half will be very stimulating and offer several opportunities in various areas and you'll grab onto them. However, don't go overboard with your body just because you're in great shape. But 16th onward, things will change and you'll need all your energy but it won't be at its peak. Get some rest, help if need be and make the most of Venus's benefits until the 16th to love and be loved. This is the best remedy!

Overview ****

Make the most of the first half of the month, it'll be almost perfect! Jupiter and Mars but also Mercury during the first week, will be the reason for very positive news, which shall lead to beneficial changes for you. In terms of your love life, Venus creates ideal conditions for you to get closer, savor your partner's presence and spend time together...Great shape until the 16th. After this, you'll be less dynamic but less motivated too. However, you'll react quickly and force yourself to get a grip on things!