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November 2018


The stars makes your love life clearer! Venus boosts your couple by reviving the passion, like the early days. Desire awakens your senses, passion is back on track. This is the time to plan out a romantic getaway, far from the usual atmosphere to feel connected or express yourself to someone you have in sight. You'll be able to find the right words. If the relationship has already moved forward, as Jupiter is in harmony with you, how about considering a proper marriage proposal?


You're equipped for success! Jupiter and Mercury develop your projects, inspire you with arguments in case of your negotiations, protect your approach and support your ideas. To put it otherwise, two precious coaches. Roll up your sleeves and remain focused on the coming opportunities, your projects are on the forefront, you get rid of your rivals. This November is your month! Motivated, confident, you feel that the future belongs to you and you're right about that!


Planets get together for you to win the big jackpot! This could be earnings at a game, but bank more on the rewards of your relentless efforts at work, not to mention talent of course! Neptune in the sector, usually means to be careful but it so happens that this star is also known for bringing along some promising luck. So there's no harm in believing this!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 11th: Venus passes through Libra again, boosting your love life again. Singletons or couples, welcome love!
Week from the 12th until the 18th: A holiday plan or move is back on the forefront and will be your main concern.
Week from the 19th until the 25th: A happy news makes you joyful and gives you an excuse to party!
Week from the 26th until the 30th: Success reaches out to you, if you grab onto the opportunity you come across. Be reactive!


This November will give you the impression of being reborn. Bad memories will come to an end and make room for novelty, hope and love. Don't aim too high right from the start but move forward slowly step by step, which shall ensure success without any jolts. Try to restrict your pride at times so that you can listen to what others have to tell you. Some good will come out of this so be attentive and responsive.

Overview *****

The month begins well with Venus's return in Libra which highlights a major improvement in your love life. All in all, stars are well positioned for you, except perhaps Sun who might provoke you. But don't worry, you'll always be ready with a quick reply with Jupiter, Mercury and Mars (until the 15th). Nobody will be able to come in your way! You'll remain motivated and determined not to let go. Jupiter makes you optimistic and this boosts your vitality!