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September 2018


Until the 10th, your emotional life will be the main focus of your life. You'll favor your love life before anything else. Couples, your partner will have the impression of rediscovering you and you'll let go off all your barriers. Singletons, you'll only let unusual people come near you. After this, you'll be busy thinking of your career. Singletons, you might get to know someone who has some kind of authority at work, even power for that matter. You'll love this.


All lights are green to make this September a month where great professional opportunities are favored. During these past few months, your superiors took notice of your capacities and they're ready to confide you with greater responsibilities today. Unless a headhunter comes along and makes an offer you can't refuse. But to finalize things, you need to show faith. Firstly, trust yourself but also your partners, something you might have lost.


Until the 10th, you won't hesitate spending some money for your well-being and pampering yourself. This will do you a lot of good and it will help you feel relaxed. From the 6th until the 22nd, you'll do your best to increase your income. Unfortunately, you'll examine things way too closely, in a detailed manner, while the solution lies in the big picture. So gain altitude and you'll find it. But you're advised not to throw a panic attack for no reason, as your financial situation is far from being catastrophic.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 9th: on the 3rd, you'll welcome your romantic feelings confidently. Couples, your partner is very happy. Singletons, a new date has seriously fallen for you.
Week from the 10th until the 16th: on the 13th, you have a clear vision on what you want from work. All you need to do is express yourself so that you avoid misunderstandings.
Week from the 17th until the 23rd: on the 20th, you're very charming but you don't know this as you don't really feel self-confident.
Week from the 24th until the 30th: on the 25th, you're passionate about new research topics or interests. You trigger new opportunities.


You've had the habit of being fatalistic for a while now. You think this is how life is and you can't do anything. This state of being could come in the way of you moving forward in your life but also the turning points you wish to take, deep down. Moreover during this September, stars encourage you to believe much more in your talents but also your capacity to decide and the control you can have on your life. As soon as you achieve this, many things could quickly change and lead to beautiful surprises.

Overview ***

Your work and career evolution will be at the heart of your interests during this September. Indeed, opportunities will be within reach but you need to trust yourself to grab onto them. Your love life will be sunny for the first ten days. You'll be a little romantic which isn't common for you. Your finances are fine but you wish for more. Due to this, you'll look for solutions. You'll be energetic but won't channel it well. You need to make some efforts to find calm.