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January 2019


Venus in Sagittarius means romantic getaway and travel hand in hand....Couples, you plan your future holidays or works for your home sweet home, so that you can feel completely in tune with your environment and fulfilled. Singletons, a foreigner shakes up your heart. A friendship could suddenly turn into a love story!


You might sign a very interesting contract during the first week. Mercury and Jupiter will do their best to offer this to you. Be reactive. You make a name for yourself and your reputation keeps increasing. Your skills are sought after and you're appreciated for your social temperament, your contacts keep developing and make you indispensable. Use your assets to get what you want. Don't belittle yourself, on the contrary, be proud of who you are and assert yourself.


It'll all come down to the beginning of the month and things will confirm at the end of the month, when Sun and Mercury join your sign. You'll be able to argue, negotiate and assert your rights if need be, to get what you're asking for and what you deserve. You shouldn't come across any financial trouble, if you're well surrounded while signing a contract, as there is always a risk of not properly reading the little lines, because one is excited about rounding off a deal...

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 6th: you might come across a contract proposal, something you've been expecting in terms of finances and professional life.
Week from the 7th until the 13th: your love life immerses you in happiness! You really want this and the feeling doesn't leave your side!
Week from the 14th until the 20th: Restrain your gluttony! One gains weight quicker than one loses it. Don't forget that!
Week from the 21st until the 31st: you'll reserve an element of choice for your friends, they'll make you feel alive.


Don't waste time! Get to work. You have all the elements to succeed with your initiatives. You're overflowing with ideas, it's going to be hard choosing the right one. But you very well know that you can't implement them all. Calm down! There's no point in scattering yourself. Focus on the priorities you have set and don't get distracted by all the thoughts, hovering in your mind.

Overview *****

The year begins very well with several planets in fire signs, an element which is perfectly in keeping with yours. Make the most of Uranus's presence in Aries to begin projects, initiate those steps which were pushed back for a while. Revive the machine, it'll move forward quickly, the astral context supports you. Your skills are acknowledged and sought after. In your love life, exoticism will brighten up your relationship and your future encounter!