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October 2019


You feel good at home, the atmosphere is warm. 9th onward, you're tense when your partner is around...Exchanges are cold, there are several disagreements, family issues add on to this unkind atmosphere. You see the specter of separation emerge...You'll try to find a way to renew with a semblance of complicity and tenderness...Singletons, your desire to conquer doesn't weaken. You seduce and make the most of this!


Under the impulses of the stars in Libra, your attitude will gain in diplomacy and communication. Thanks to Mercury, you'll understand that thumping the table doesn't always make things move forward, on the contrary. You'll analyze your mistakes, in order to adapt your behavior with the goal to unite your colleagues and collaborators, around your project. Moreover, you'll possess strong creativity and make the most of it.


Watch out for calculation errors! Jupiter supports you of course, but its square with Neptune heralds a few complications or bad estimations. If you were to indulge in a significant purchase, make sure you check the price and the payment methods. Avoid loaning money, given the context, as you'll never get it back! Too bad if the person gets angry, at least you know who you're dealing with!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 6th: on the 3rd, a very pleasant day awaits you in terms of your love life. Be present!
Week from the 7th until the 13th: on the 9th, Venus settles in Scorpio, the atmosphere becomes oppressive and tensions reappear.
Week from the 14th until the 20th: on the 14th, you're the reason for promising success!
Week from the 21st until the 31st: on the 28th, you feel tired, rest is essential. Don't push your luck!


At times, you may get the feeling of navigating without knowing where you're headed...Stars throw you off balance. Some things don't head in the direction you want. Don't get discouraged. This gives you a chance to show that you have more than one trick up your sleeve! In the end, obstacles or delays will help you take action depending on your expectations. Remind yourself: there is an opportunity during an adversity!

Overview ***

Your business will be in better shape, compared to your love life! Sun and Mars encourages you to be more relaxed and diplomatic. This way, you'll achieve your ends better. This won't prevent you from asserting your authority, if need be! In terms of your love life, things get stuck...Misunderstandings or unsaid things, family problems, all this triggers tensions. If your couple is fragile, a potential break up might cross your mind...In terms of shape? Energy is present!