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November 2018


Mars's opposition until the 15th could trigger some tensions between you. Your couple could go through ups and downs...It's your move to limit the damage, if you wish to stay together. Venus will help you by encouraging you to be affectionate and sweet, not to mention Jupiter in Sagittarius who'll increase your desire to experience a stable relationship and will help you put things in perspective. Singletons, you'll go all out with seduction and be a success!


You might come across withdrawal, a cancellation or a promise which wasn't kept, during the first week. Beginning month will lead you to believe that you're off to a bad start and nothing is moving forward. Stars sulk but later everything falls back into place! 9th onward, Jupiter settles down in Sagittarius, the latter's favorite sign and improves contacts, encourages you to forge ahead, grab onto opportunities and round off deals. You were right to hold on tight, you'll come out a winner!


With Jupiter's cooperation, you should be able to land a contract, obtain advantages and take care of your reputation. Good deals await you! Moreover, luck is present, you could try out the lottery or any other game of chance, you might come across a good surprise. However, be careful on the 16th so that you're not a victim of theft or any other swindle. Keep your eyes open!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 11th: Your home and dwelling are your priorities. Important questions need to be resolved.
Week from the 12th until the 18th: On the 16th, don't be trusting unless you have enough guarantees and information. Keep an eye on your business!
Week from the 19th until the 25th: Your loved ones miss you.
Week from the 26th until the 30th: Friendship in the limelight! Plans, outings, invitations, the week is going to be lively!


Buddy Leo, a beautiful month of November. How about using it to take your dreams and desires seriously? How about expressing your expectations without fake modesty or too much pride? This is the time to seriously think of achieving the things which matter to you, even if your entourage doesn't agree. It doesn't matter, you only live once and this is it! It's your move! Don't ruin it.

Overview *****

Interesting planetary movements for you buddy Leo, during September. Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius, your buddy sign gives you the keys to counter the negative effects of Sun. As for Venus in Libra, it favors excellent interpersonal skills, mainly second half onward when Mars will be more opposed to you. In your love life, some romanticism, affection and you're going to be in love for a long time!