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January 2019


You feel that everyday life needs to be boosted so that you avoid the routine which seems to be threatening your couple. Feelings are present but you have a hard time expressing them given the current context. You've certainly waited too long to bring in the beneficial changes, you rested on your laurels. It's high time to get a grip on your life. Jupiter and Venus combined with Mars revive the desire, motivation and guide you toward a common future.


Mars and Jupiter inspire you with great motivation and confidence in your capacities. Your ambition makes you aim for heights which you'll achieve without much difficulty thanks to the various planets in the fire sign. You're in demand, one wants you, one acknowledges your skills and waits for you! This might require you to change your life, habits, even your environment, with the aim to feel better!


You have nothing to worry about! Your finances are stable and they progress regularly. You can even try your luck at games! Growth is written in your sky. You know what you need to do, to earn more money and properly manage it in order to really reap the rewards of your work. You won't hesitate pampering yourself a little as you deserve it, without actually shaking up your account. Your budget is a kind of model!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 6th: you'll take action to bring novelty in your life, mainly in your couple life...
Week from the 7th until the 13: a project unblocks, things speed up, you're ready to make a go for it.
Week from the 14th until the 20th: Try out your luck (reasonably!), listen to your intuition in business, it'll work!
Week from the 21st until the 31st: express your feelings but gently. No need to rebel!


Action will be the key word this January. You'll set your sights high. The astral context favors you, encourages you and makes taking action easy. However, prepare the foundation before making a go for it. This will avoid that you need to start everything again, waste time, something you hate more than anything. Accept expressing your emotions, your feelings. You'll come out a winner!

Overview ******

A great beginning to the year with dominating fire! Jupiter accompanies you throughout the year and you benefit from the latter's growth. Filled with strong motivation and growing ambition, you're ready to initiate projects which have been tempting you for a long time. You agree to make the necessary efforts, even if the latter changes your everyday life. In your love life, questions still need to be clarified, but desire re-emerges and motivates you to forge ahead. In terms of money, everything is fine!