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May 2019


During the first half, you'll be on cloud nine with the impression of reliving the best moments of your couple life, thanks to Jupiter, Venus and Mars who strengthen your complicity and intensify your sensuality. Singletons, Jupiter in the sector of your love life, will make you come across someone who'll make your head spin! The second half is going to be less glamorous with some clashes in sight...Singletons will be a little reluctant to commit...


Planets in Taurus won't make work easy for you! You'll have the impression of making double the effort, to achieve the same result. However, Mars will support you and that's something. Overall, you'll manage achieving your goals. You're motivated by the desire for change to take action with other possible partners. A contract might be in the starting block. If possible, try to round off before the 16th.


Jupiter ensures luck and benefits. However, don't jump on the first good deal which comes along. There are many risks for making mistakes and your intuition shall need to differentiate between a swindle and real good deals. During the second half, the astral opposition might point out difficulties to obtain a loan, get back the money one owes you or even put you in a complicated situation. You need to be responsible and careful!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 12th: Until the 6th, Mercury favors signing a contract. Be bold and self-confident. Week from the 13th until the 19th: Don't overload yourself with work, you won't be quicker, on the contrary! Week from the 20th until the 26th: The relational sector brings along the help you need. Put aside your pride and accept it. Week from the 27th until the 31st: Don't forget to rest!You're not forced to do everything, if nobody is asking you to!


Make the most of the first half, which has the best in store for you in almost all areas of your life. Tell your family you love them, spend time with them. At work, present projects, knock on the right doors. This is the period which offers you the most opportunities. The next part shall be a little complicated, though don't get carried away. Make this period positive and review your expectations and how to achieve them

Overview ***

Will your lily of the valley lucky charm match up to its reputation ? Certainly during the first half of the month. In terms of love life, passion and reconciliation will be highlighted. Singletons, an astounding encounter is in sight. In terms of your job, even if you have the impression of moving forward slowly, you're progressing and might even sign a new contract, preferably before the 16th. The next part shall be complicated. Fights in couple, new organization at work, the lucky charm is fading!