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February 2018


You want to make the most of your emotional life until the 10th. Couples, you'll try to spend pleasant moments with your sweetheart while singletons will probably meet interesting people. But your family life will remind you that they matter too and will chisel off a lot of your time. After this, you'll be very passionate with a libido that will strongly increase. Couples, your partner won't complain and steamy moments are in sight. Singletons, you'll pay more attention to physique rather than personality when you meet people.


You continue to explore the projects that you began fomenting last month. They're gradually taking shape in your mind and becoming clearer. This reassures you. Until the 19th, you'll have a strong chance at finding partners, associates or employers who are in keeping with your expectations, at times beyond your hopes. If you're in job related to business, you'll be able to use all your talents to convince your clients and collaborators. You'll be able to explain your vision on things in a reliable manner and this will give them more confidence.


Until the 18th, your finances should be calm. But you can't indulge in excesses and need to be rigorous. After this, you could come across some opportunities and make your finances prosper. Many reasons are possible, these could be people or spontaneous opportunities. Stars advise you to take them into account. But also reassure yourself that everything will work out fine, just the way you were told. Especially by reading contracts in detail. As one might hide some important factors from you.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 4th: Moon in your sky brings you a lot of grace and magnetism. You fascinate your entourage.
Week from the 5th until the 11th: on the 9th, you're creative and inspired. Your love life is also one of your biggest priorities.
Week from the 12th until the 18th: on the 15th, the new Moon in Aquarius promises you beautiful partnerships. But you'll need to sometimes accept the opinion and decisions of others.
Week from the 19th until the 28th: on the 24th, your friends and relations bring you a lot of joy and well being. Spend time with them.


Here's February which will bring you promising energy. Regardless of the sector, you'll be able to show vitality in your mundane life, but you'll have the habit of scattering for the benefit of everyone else. However, stars advise you to keep most of it for yourself and to make your projects move forward. You're in a period of construction and it'll be a pity to let your natural generosity deprive you of the means to move forward. Moreover, be a little more focused on yourself and think about yourself first. You won't regret it as you'll make giant leaps forward.

Overview ****

Here's February and you're going to like it, due to the promising energy within you. You'll be dynamic in all areas of your life, to begin with your love life. Couples, you do your best to spend pleasant moments together and your libido is increasing. Singletons, you feel like enjoying your senses. At work, projects will begin to take shape and you'll take action to achieve them. You need to keep an eye on your finances, but they could progress. Be careful before making commitments. You'll be in incontestable shape with the desire to get moving in life.