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Pisces 2018 Horoscope


Pisces 2018 Horoscope


You’ve plenty of projects in mind on this opening month of 2018! Focused and strong-minded, you will do everything in your power to move towards your objectives. Work is your absolute priority in January, and you will refuse to rest until all your tasks are completed! A true professional.


Tired and in a sulky mood, you will quickly become fed up of dealing with jealous backstabbers on the professional front! Aware of how hard you’ve been working to get to where you are now, you will refuse to let unfair criticism affect you in the workplace. Well done. Your bosses still believe in you.


Your energy levels are given a boost and you’re up for a fight this month! Whether you’re trying to seduce someone you like or get the promotion you’ve always dreamt of, you will use every trick in the book to reach your objectives. Sharks know how to attack when they’re hungry!


You will be second to none when it comes to getting influential people on your side this month. The people you will meet in April could well help you move your career forward in the very near future. Dress to impress and make sure you always know what you’re talking about!


Your family wants to spend time with you, so make sure you attend birthday parties or celebrations taking place this month! Even if you don’t have much to say to your loved ones, remember how someone in particular is always so happy to see you! His or her eyes literally light up when you enter the room…


Falling in love makes you feel exposed and vulnerable… And Cupid could aim his arrow at you this June! You didn’t think you would feel so attracted to anyone anytime soon… You felt immune to those kinds of feelings. Be prepared for a demanding month… Love is exhausting!


Those of you who have children will enjoy spending time teaching them essential skills and values this summer! You’re the perfect role model those kids should look up to! If you’re in a relationship, don’t be afraid to have a chat with your partner. You haven’t talked in what feels like ages!


You’re not afraid to talk about your boring routine, uneventful sex life or financial difficulties with your partner this month! You will feel so relieved to get those problems off your chest. Things cannot carry on the way they are. Changes are needed!


A trip abroad could allow you to spice up your relationship if you’re taken, or find love if you’re single! Your friendships and romantic relationships are all based on mutual trust. You only surround yourself with people who you know will never let you down!


Passion is on the menu and a powerful love story could well spice up your quiet little life this month! Cupid aims several arrows at you, one of which could hit you right in the heart! You can expect an exhausting month on the sentimental front… Not that you will complain about it, of course!


Jupiter moving in the house of your career will put you under the spotlight on the professional front! New ambitions, a promotion, an important project coming to life… Success really should be on the menu in both your social and professional lives this month! Don’t let your doubts get the better of you…


An exciting project will fill you with energy and motivation! Confident, you will rely on the help and support of people who love you to reach your objectives this month. You will end 2018 on a successful and happy note. You cannot wait to spend Christmas with people who love you so much!