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Scorpio 2019 Horoscope


Scorpio 2019 Horoscope


Mars and Uranus in Aries will unsettle your everyday life. In the office, situations out of your control will increase your workload and send your stress levels through the roof! Luckily, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn will help you put your problems into perspective and keep a cool head: anger is never a good adviser!


Mars moving in Taurus could trigger arguments and disagreements with your significant other or work colleagues. You will struggle to cope with people trying to tell you what to do or keep you quiet! Those tense exchanges will be bad news for both your sentimental and professional lives… Calm yourself down!


Mercury retrograde in Pisces will affect your judgement skills. Don’t gamble any of your money away, even if you’re convinced of having found a quick way to get rich. The planets have other ideas in mind… You could also fall out with a friend who you suspect of liking the same person as you. You’re likely to be wrong, remember!


Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Pisces could well help you find the love of your life if you’re still single, my Scorpio friend! If you’re in a relationship, however, you could catch yourself daydreaming about somebody other than your partner… Ask yourself the right questions before you commit the irreparable!


The transit of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Taurus, as well as the arrival of Mars in Cancer, should lead you to reconsider the way you behave with other people. Your partner wants you to stop thinking that everything is either black or white in life. Broaden your mind, you will not regret it. Why don’t you travel together, for a start?


With Mercury and Mars in Cancer, you will be given the chance to learn about a brand-new set of values and beliefs. Going back to college, travelling abroad or reading a thought-challenging book will lead you to ask yourself plenty of questions about who you really are. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone!


The Sun and Venus in Cancer will put you in a caring mood, and you will enjoy being reunited with family members who live far away this month. You will be able to look at your situation from a completely different angle, which will allow you to move both your professional and private lives forward in no time: you will feel like a new person!


The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Leo will put the stress on your professional life. Whether you are on vacation or in the office, your career path will take a turn for the better, and most of you could be offered to start in a new job in September or to spearhead an exciting project as soon as you get back from your summer break!.


The Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo will help you get several projects underway in September. You will literally hit the ground running following your summer break! With a clear career plan in mind, you will not be afraid to ask for help in order to reach your objectives. Your organization skills and attention to detail will help you stand out from the crowd!


The Sun and Mars in Libra will leave you absolutely exhausted! You’ve been working incredibly hard lately, and it won’t take you long to run out of gas this month. Besides, you will have to keep a very close eye on some hypocrite and jealous colleagues plotting your downfall behind your back! Not everyone close to you is your friend!


Venus and Jupiter teaming up in Sagittarius could send an unexcepted amount of money your way. You will know how to show off your talents in the workplace, and your superiors could subsequently trust you with more responsibilities than usual. A bonus or raise should allow you to treat yourself before the end of the year!


Jupiter joins Saturn in Capricorn and puts the stress on your social skills. If you are a salesperson, you should be particularly successful this month. In any case, you will enjoy getting closer to people you see almost on a daily basis. Expanding your social network or attending a seminar really won’t do you any harm, trust us!