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May 20, 2019

In Relationship ***

You're impressively generous, but spending a lot of money on your other half isn't going to make up for how busy you've been lately. Your partner also tends to think that you've done something wrong when you're too nice with them! Expensive gifts aren't the best way to prove to your significant other how much you love them...

Single ***

You're unlikely to meet someone as secretive as you, my Capricorn friend. It's time for you to start revealing more about yourself if you want to keep your latest crush interested! If you feel like that person isn't right for you, tell them so frankly: it's not fair to waste their time if you have no intention of settling down in a relationship with them.

Wellness **

You could abruptly and unexpectedly run out of energy, especially if you don't find the time to exercise this Monday.

Career ******

Pluto will make you confident and ambitious. Get out of your shell, take initiatives and share your innovative ideas with the people around you. Talk to your bosses about the changes you have in mind. Ask to be moved to a different team if that's what you want!