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March 19, 2019

In Relationship **

In love, the Sun-Jupiter square will be great at dodging. In your sign, its simple presence could put you in an awkward spot and end up blinding you. So, you'll want to get some fresh air...each one to his own. Simple need to take a break or a more serious crisis? It'll be up to you and mainly taking action accordingly!

Single **

Generally speaking, when Sun isn't your ally, nothing works! Today, this shall be the case. Watch out for recklessness and excessive risks...Don't try to ignore some emotional issues, for example unwanted pregnancy. Otherwise, your problems will really get out of hand...

Wellness **

By dint of only eating starchy food, you're going to develop deficiencies. Add fruits and vegetables to your meals...

Career **

If you have a management job or you were to take part in a meeting, this message is for you: don't talk too much today. Get a collaborator to assist you. Jupiter will make your communication inaudible.