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May 27, 2020

In Relationship **

Your other half is showering you with compliments today but you're starting to wonder if there is a catch. You're struggling to trust their intentions and you even wonder whether they might have something to hide. The arrival of Mars in your sign indicates that you are mistaken so try to put your doubts to the back of your mind and stop looking for problems where there are none.

Single **

You're struggling to come to terms with your single status and are desperately searching for someone to call your soulmate. Dear Single, your flirting skills are not up to scratch and you'll only find yourself going one step forwards and two steps back if you force the situation. You are advised to put your dreams on hold for now and focus on yourself instead.

Wellness *

You've got stacks of energy today but you're heading for a burnout if you're not careful. Stop trying to do everything at once!

Career ******

Your interpersonal skills are second to none and you have a good working relationship with your colleagues and superiors alike. You never lose your cool, no matter how bad things get, and your teammates will make it clear that they're counting on you today.