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September 25, 2018

In Relationship ******

Whatever your differences of opinion, the full Moon will put an end to them (at least for now), because both of you will feel an intense need for physical intimacy. You'll be perfectly in harmony here, so much more so considering that you won't speak, and your gazes and sensual touches will be worth thousands of words.

Single ******

You'd love to take a big juicy bite out of the sudden, instinctive desire you feel for this person who's almost a stranger. But you don't know quite how to go about it, because this romance is sudden and unexpected. This new sweetheart will show themself to be so real that you'll succeed in joining them without doubts.

Wellness **

You're feeling tired, and you'll be forced to slow down when it comes to certain activities you're engaged in.

Career ***

You'll be inclined to make a radical decision or change your strategy at work. If your job is taking too much time out of your personal life, you'll try to modify your schedule.