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July 24, 2018

In Relationship ***

Couple life isn't your forte right now. It feels like there's been a falling out between you; the vibe is changing, and it's in the bedroom that you'll feel the results. You'll need to have a conversation in order to get things back on track, but your efforts tonight will be wasted, because your partner won't understand.

Single ***

You're hoping for some peace and quiet, but for the moment Venus is putting you through the wringer. You might be disappointed in love, and the climate is making you gloomy. You're reviewing your past, and you're dissatisfied. The blues is making an appearance, and you may be full of doubts about the future. Just let this moment pass.

Wellness ****

Some relaxation sessions might interest you, because your nervousness is acting up at the end of the day.

Career ***

You have to work a lot to find your balance. You haven't yet come into your own, and the dissonance of Neptune is giving you the impression that you're investing yourself in nothingness. Your spirit may be confused when you think about your professional future.