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November 17, 2018

In Relationship ****

Due to love, your partner will want to believe you. The latter's dubious nature won't leave you with a choice but to abide by your words, filled with vows. Your partner has been waiting for concrete actions for a while, you won't be forgiven for your about-turns, if all you do is talk without taking action in a loving way, and not in a stressful or forceful manner.

Single ****

You'll be amused by this banter, rather than seduced. Deep inside, you're looking for someone romantic, who'll be able to talk about love and not be a weathercock who won't think about emotional stability. Your loneliness might have weighed you down, but you won't sell yourself out for some sexual moments, even promising ones.

Wellness ***

You're not Superman, don't forget that. Saturn will impose a strict regime in terms of your outings and sleeping times.

Career **

This confrontation with a colleague will seem like something you've already experienced. You'll avoid clashes as it'll make a negative effect on your collaboration. You'll find a way to communicate, knowing that it'll only help problems occasionally.