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October 21, 2019

In Relationship **

Jupiter encourages you to talk to your partner about what you're no longer happy with in this domain. Ignoring your problems is out of the question today! Set the record straight and seek to build stronger foundations for your relationship. You're aware that your sentimental situation is slipping out of control...

Single **

The dissonances between Mars and Saturn will not make it easy for you to meet anyone interesting. You're too angry to attract any positive attention, my Gemini friend! Learn how to love yourself again if you want other people start loving you. Focus on the things you're really good at!

Wellness **

Worrying about your problems is giving you bad headaches. Go for an early night if you can. Stop arguing with loved ones!

Career *****

Your intuition will not let you down in the workplace on this opening day of the week. Dynamic, you will enjoy helping colleagues or suppliers meet their deadlines. Working hard calms you down...