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July 24, 2018

In Relationship ****

You thought your relationship was made of solid stuff but the tensions over the last few days have left you wondering if you're really meant for each other. You'll be at each other's throats all afternoon and you'll end up avoiding each other altogether by this evening. You're not doing much to calm the waters!

Single ****

Dear Single, today is your lucky day when it comes to love. The Sun is in your sign and your natural charms are heightened. You're lapping up all the attention and there is no shortage of date offers for this evening. That said, you're happy with your life as it is and don't feel ready to share it with anyone else. Not just yet, anyway...

Wellness *****

The Sun is making you glow and feel good inside and out. That said, you are advised to cover up and wear factor 50 sunscreen in the midday heat.

Career ******

Your communication skills will be your saving grace at work today. Everything is hunky dory in the office and you're well and truly back in your boss' good books. You know exactly what to do to make sure they stay wrapped around your little finger!