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February 21, 2018

In Relationship ***

So as not to avoid shedding light on your real problems, you're doing a great job talking about organization or the repairs needed on your car or dishwasher. When romanticism lacks, talking about these minor quotidian problems lets you engage in a neutral dialogue with your partner and to forget your disagreements.

Single ***

Although there's certainly no serious upheaval on the horizon, that doesn't mean your love life is as empty as deep space. Someone you know only slightly or with whom you haven't yet had the chance to really interact may approach you. If you want to encourage them, you'll have to make a move yourself.

Wellness **

These chills and stomachaches are signs that you've caught a virus. Opt for a chicken-noodle-soup diet.

Career *****

Under Saturn's influence you'll be even more implicated in your professional life. You'll take on constructive long-term projects. You'll also put your inter-office disagreements on ice for the moment so they don't get in the way of your ambitions.