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April 26, 2018

In Relationship *****

You don't see sex as one of the cornerstones of your relationship today. Being by your side every day, cooking you breakfast, stroking your hair and making you laugh is more important to your other half than making love to you... Under the influxes of the Sun/Uranus conjunction, you couldn't agree more!

Single *****

You could stumble upon what makes you truly happy on the love front today. Under the influence of the Sun/Uranus duo, you will feel like throwing a party for your friends or planning an exciting day out with them, as long as it allows you to get closer to the person you have set your sights on... You're in a pretty romantic mood this Thursday! Good on you.

Wellness ****

Listen to your inner voice today. It will help you stay Zen when your five senses threaten to let you down this Thursday!

Career ***

Following the departures of several major stakeholders and the arrival of a new head of HR, things could look slightly different in the workplace today! Don't worry, those changes should work in your favor... Don't start seeing problems where there aren't any!